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    I give up

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    I give up

    I went to work yesterday and found two trash pandas (racoons) inside of one of my garbage cans, tipped over. I left it tipped over, filled it back up and did this to piss them off! I have a usbA and VGA trash can now! This morning found them hanging around confused! I laughed and laughed. They...
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    BX2350 Crank, No Start

    I have two r520s’ that refuse to fire after our two week shutdown over Xmas. I just get a helper and crack each injector line until fuel flows, then hit the glow plugs for two cycles and boom! Iirc the glow plugs with rail disconnected should show 1 ohm resistance. Anything above that causes...
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    Not an expert, like the rest of the folks here, but did you connect the the hoses in the correct order? I only know the 520 and 520s and have never had a backhoe attachment but Dan is correct the system self bleeds (unless you have a cab loader with heat then you have to pump water up and thumb...
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    Where does your Orange live? Join location Groups!!!

    Sooo go to "Social Groups inside your User CP" and join the group that fits your generic location Link not found?
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    I give up

    I am a North East English Borne (Geordie) living in Canuckistan (Canada) and just say “the planet is doomed!” Just pull out the old Remington 870, 1022 or whatever and go for it with a spotlight at night! 😎
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    R520S leaking hydrolic oil

    Hydraulic fitting replacing breather on transmission, I just clamped a vinyl hose to it.
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    R520S leaking hydrolic oil

    It is the seal from the ebrake to the transmission that has failed. I removed the filter and fitting stole a hard hydraulic fitting from a ram on our busted up one, screwed it in where the filter was, ran vinyl hose to the bumper and then into an old rad over flow tank that I just bade a bracket...
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    water pumps, different engine nightmare!

    Ugh. Water pump replacement on a Kubota R-520s day. The new kid at work caught it overheating in time so not bad. However I could not find the engine serial number so just threw out the Visa and ordered both possible water pumps! Between it happening, and getting the pumps ordered there was a...
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    R520 Blown Fuse

    I would pull apart the steering column first and pull the brake connector apart and hose the heck out of it with contact cleaner if no visible damage is seen. Have seen a lot of issues with abrasion when monkeys get into the column cover :)
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    R520 wheel loader stuck in low speed

    I don’t recall exactly what I did but it may have involved disabling the button on the control arm for turtle mode. Off for a few days but I’ll check. IIRC I just unplugged it.
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    Hydraulic fluid out of transmission vent

    Alas, the problem of fluid coming out of vent persists. I am going to power wash the area under the tractor, get rid of all residue, see if and where seepage may be coming from. Are there other causes of this aerated fluid from vent that I should be considering? Not a mechanic, but sure do...
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    In need of advice Front Diff overhaul kit?

    Hey! Have had a Few R520 and 520s front diffs go bad on me in the past few months. Unsure of what you are working on or the differences. Your best bet (as per other replies) is just drop it and investigate! I had two R520S front diffs blow a week apart and dropped them both and managed to build...
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    Kubota R520/S/ST

    Hey folks! Newbie here! A retired Computer Systems Engineer recently returned to the work force and now maintaining Kubota R520/S/ST, Toyota aforklifts, Mini-Dumpers (F-450/550) for a landscape company that never believed in preventative maintenance. Just run them till they’re broken then pay...
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    R520S leaking hydrolic oil

    I also have this exact same issue. Any response on the fix? Oh, and thanks for this wonderful forum folks! any info on the fix for this.. I have a R520s doing the exact same thing.. Its hit or miss.. sometimes it just leaks a little from the breather.. other times its a steady stream.. Thanks...