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    Hydraulic top link

    I'm looking to add a hydraulic top link to my MX6000... Im thinking it is going to make using my quick hitch much easier... I primarily use a 7' brushhog, 6' tiller, a cargo box, and a box blade. Any recommendations on a good one to use? also will need to get a line from the rear remote to the...
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    Adding FUEL to the MX6000 makes me cuss

    haha, should have clarified "fuel"... my bad... definitely diesel fuel...some good suggestions here on the fuel transfer pump.... of course using a smaller can would be easier too. My complaint is that for as awesome of a machine as this in nearly every way, you would think the newer designs...
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    Adding FUEL to the MX6000 makes me cuss

    I absolutely love my MX6000 but the only complaint I have is adding gas.... So in the grand sceme of things, a minor issue but man adding gas is a hassle. WHY on earth do they put the gas fill on top of the hood? It is such a pain to lug a 5 pound gas can up there and add fuel without making a...