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    Reservations about an 8 y/o L3901 HST

    You might want to check, but I think most emissions systems are lifetime warranty, But, DPF can be a pain in the neck. $24K doesn't seem bad for what it comes with. 500 hrs isn't very many. Check their online reviews to find out if they generally honest. If so, it's probably a good deal...
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    My Turn :(

    Of course, there are people who died from side effects from the vaccination as well. Make your choice and go from there. What's a shame is people don't know what their trading off. Fwiw, I know one very old uncle who supposedly died from Covid, I'm lucky, and know only a few that had any of...
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    Unusual sense of balance

    My Dad worked on the tall buildings in the same time frame, but he was a carpenter. He saw people fly off buildings after picking up sheets of plywood. Otherwise, he felt it was pretty safe. Very few people used any type of safety line. A different time for sure ...
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    My Turn :(

    If you want your mind blown, do some research on people recovering from incurable cancer with a diet change only. No chemo, no radiation, etc.
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    Unique Situation - Need Thoughts and Advice

    I would just go talk to the dealer about it. I feel like the dealer is a pretty good guy to provide a gun for a raffle.
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    Land Pride 48 inch snow pusher ?

    Yeah, I think they are just plow bolts with a nut on the back. My grader scraper and rear blade have identical type bolts.
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    Picture your vehicles with the stickers.

    I don't mind stickers. I don't even think about them. One of my friends took every sticker off every motorcycle he ever bought, and that includes dirt bikes. It was kind of his hobby ... I guess. If he had a tractor, he'd probably take them off of it, too.
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    My Turn :(

    It's easy to convince people that misinformation was the science when that's the only information that was allowed. That's over now with Twitter, but there seems to be a lot here that still think they know the science. ;) It will be a while before some people catch up if they ever do.
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    My Turn :(

    Yet, some think that was perfectly justified. The medical profession, most govts, and "science" failed miserably.
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    My Turn :(

    That's actually very possible. Some doctors are pretty smart and some mechanics don't know much about tractors even though they get paid to do the work. You only have to read here to realize not all tractors even have fluid in the front axles. That seems like a basic deal, but apparently not...
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    My Turn :(

    Yes, information was and is suppressed. If you want more details, go to Twitter/X (which has community notes). Basically, if you post BS, other people can call you on it.
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    My Turn :(

    Get well soon. By now almost everyone has had Covid at least once. It doesn't seem like the shots are doing what they were promised to do with very little risk for everyone.
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    Chains for front wheels on 4WD BX 2350 ?

    I use usually use all 4 on my L2501. It does seem to help steering, but not that much. The front will still slide. That being said, I usually only use rears on my Polaris Ranger even though I have fronts. It also works fine.
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    Kubota Tool-N-Go

    The horizontal forces won't be that much. My guess is that strong magnets would be fine. But, the price is a lot to overcome. :D
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    New tractor with 37 hours *updated*

    It's kind of unlikely you knew the problem was resolved given the wording in your post. But, let's say you did. That only means your post was more in left field. The dealer and OP worked it out. It has nothing to do with the rest of us. You thinking your opinion matters in this case is...
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    New tractor with 37 hours *updated*

    Ridiculous word choice aside, the problem is resolved and you responded after it was done. See post #20. ;)
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    Grand L4760 will i regret not going to 5460 or 6060.

    What are you planning on doing with it? Do make sure you get the upgraded loader. It's significantly more powerful of the two. Have you also considered the MX?
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    Gas Question

    I'd go by the owner's manual, too.
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    Kubota Tool-N-Go

    I'd buy them but $165 (for LA525) seems really, really high for two plastic parts.
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    Bio fuel question

    Biodiesel acts as a solvent for old diesel gunk. Newer diesels after ULSD shoudn't have that issue. You have to go back to early 2000s to have diesel that isn't ULSD. Some say that there are issues with rubber, etc dealing with biodiesel as well. The power available in one gallon of...