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  1. Shekkie

    Buying Mod'ed Tractors

    I look at it like this……if the mods are smart and done in a quality fashion then I am typically unbothered. Hacked up wiring and mods just slapped together and/or sloppy give me doubts as to how the owner used and maintained the tractor. Either you care or you don’t and a lack of caring impacts...
  2. Shekkie

    Purchasing a Grapple, looking for opinions with any issues on hose connections.

    Here’s mine with the factory Kubota kit on an LX2610. I use a bungee to take up the hose slack from the grapple. Zero issues.
  3. Shekkie

    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Swapped my grapple and box blade for the winter setup of bucket and rear blade. Not a huge chore there BUT it meant that I had to move a bunch of stuff around my storage garage to get it to fit comfortably as it’s quite a bit longer in this configuration. I still have to mount the skid shoes on...
  4. Shekkie

    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Got my 50.1 hour service done yesterday. I opted for a full hydro fluid change vs. just the filters. It took about an hour start to finish so not too bad. Most of the time was me cursing at the engine oil filter location jammed against hoses and wire looms. Gonna pressure wash all of the mud...
  5. Shekkie

    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    I dropped what was left of a lightning struck tree today. It was a hefty 25’-ish tall. It’ll make a nice addition to my firewood collection. I found the lifting max of my LX and diameter max of my grapple with one of the logs. I was barely able to securely grab it and could only lift about 6”...
  6. Shekkie

    First service at 50 hours

    Other projects have kept me pretty busy. Not quite to 50hrs. yet since March. I couldn’t have done many things without it so still well worth it.
  7. Shekkie

    Virnig V30 60” Grapple Review

    Not sure about other options but Messicks has ‘em in stock. Pricing is on their site.
  8. Shekkie

    3rd Function - LP or Kubota kit for LX2610?

    Kubota kit on my LX2610. Zero complaints. I prefer the control knob and hard lines over the competition’s offerings. The guard over the valves/solenoids is a plus and the installation was a breeze. I am off the trails in dense woods often and have had zero issues with the hoses outside of the...
  9. Shekkie

    Everything Attachments Grapple

    For other reasons I have not purchased from EA but their shipping policies were not an issue as they clearly state their radius and use of a commercial address or shipping terminal. Fair enough. I ordered my grapple from Messicks. Guess what? Shipped to a semi-local terminal for a reasonable...
  10. Shekkie

    Everything Attachments Grapple

    My grapple is my most used implement…’ll likely be giddy!
  11. Shekkie

    Buying a new tractor soon.

    How many posts until an MX is recommended?
  12. Shekkie

    Buying a new tractor soon.

    Everything you list is well within the abilities of a BX. “Lots of woods to clear” can mean many different things but on an acre you should be OK with the BX……you will just have to take small bites. As far as price just build the same tractor on Kubota’s website for a cost comparison.
  13. Shekkie

    Need opinions on Looking at a couple tractors

    With being new to tractors I’d pass on both and get something newer or new. Kubota B or LX or JD 2032R-ish size. Change your thread title. We are easily confused.
  14. Shekkie

    Dealer warns front axle will wear out if left in 4x4

    A sales guy at my dealership attempted to help me at the busy parts counter and he was unaware that there were two filters for the hydro system. Just saying.
  15. Shekkie

    Upgrading ? LX or L series

    I love my LX but I’d have to say the L with the added weight is more of an “upgrade” if your B is struggling. The LX may not feel like enough of a step up in utility. If you think a snowblower is in your future that certainly changes things. A loader and rear blade are pretty formidable as well.
  16. Shekkie

    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    I ran to the dealer and picked up a five gallon pail of UDT2, both hydro filters and an oil filter. Then off to the auto parts for some T6 Rotella oil (along with oil/filter for my truck). Zoinks, that was a pricey outing! I am a bit shy of 50 hours (still) but wanted everything handy for when...
  17. Shekkie

    1.33 acres, heavily wooded and overgrown... Need advice on a tractor purchase!

    That must be just the oil change and for the hydro just filters and fluid top off. That’s fine since it’s what the manual calls for but a full hydro fluid change would be quite a bit more.
  18. Shekkie

    1.33 acres, heavily wooded and overgrown... Need advice on a tractor purchase!

    I was bored and did a search of a half dozen dealers in my area and found a few B26 and B2601 models with loaders available so they are out there……. certainly if you are willing to travel or have shipped. I would only order as a last resort unless time is zero factor.
  19. Shekkie

    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    I’ve been told on this forum by knowitall experts to thin out my wooded areas if all I can fit is an LX, that I am inexperienced since I don’t have a larger tractor, that an L series is better for my needs, blah, blah, blah.
  20. Shekkie

    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Too lazy for pics but ran the chipper for a few hours today. Made a nice dent in one of a dozen or so branch piles. Vacation this coming week so gonna try to make a much larger dent in the piles when I’m not trying to finish up a deck rebuilding adventure, in the pool or dog shenanigans.