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  1. magicheater

    Grappler may need hoses for hydrolics

    Would have a pic of your "Grappler" and the problem area so we can see what you are dealing with?
  2. magicheater

    Rear Remotes - Planning stages, need advice

    Really glad to see someone investing the time to increase the hydraulic functions of their tractor. Doing it how you are will continually reward you for as long as you own your tractor. A lot of thought and of course extra fittings left over are often the case but the satisfaction of use...
  3. magicheater

    14x5 rim (6 lug holes) for front tire - L185DT

    I made my own rims. I found no tire options (wider) for my B7800 in the 14" rim size. I found that a 12" rim fits and has wider options with the same SLR so your ratio is fine. I cut out the old center and welded in a new center. You can also play with the offset to give yourself a wider...
  4. magicheater

    B3030 FEL question?

    Would you please explain that a little more in detail, I must be missing something. Thanx.
  5. magicheater

    Sapling Puller

    I used to do it that way too, but you are really using the pulling power of your loader rather than the ground engagement of the wheels. By gripping really low and using your tractors 4wd and weight, rocking back and forth with the HST it is very effective. No need to get off the tractor...
  6. magicheater

    Sapling Puller

    Super great idea NIW. The grapple handles more than 1" saplings though, have pulled up to 4" depending on species. It would be great to have all the turning capabilities but you can only miniaturize hydraulics down to a point and then the more functions you add usually adds weight and offset...
  7. magicheater

    Sapling Puller

    I have thought a lot about your guard suggestion and will probably add one. I am trying to keep the weight down and 110 lbs. is my target weight. Thank you for the suggestion.
  8. magicheater

    Sapling Puller

    Thanx, No guard in the equation so far and after all the prototype testing it seems it may not be needed. Visibility is the key and in the end it is not a root grapple per say but can really extricate them w/o engaging directly. More of a trunk based extraction method, if you will. No...
  9. magicheater

    Sapling Puller

    Thank you. It is a prototype but nothing much will change. Just trying out some add-ons that are really fun.
  10. magicheater

    Sapling Puller

    This particular grapple is not the best for that, but it can. I have designed and built others that are better for loading trailers.
  11. magicheater

    Sapling Puller

    It is pretty involved/complicated/precise. If you want to fool around with CAD-WARE I am sure you could come up with something. That is what I did. There are so many clearances to take into consideration that it is not just a thumb on a bucket sort of thing. I probably won't post any...
  12. magicheater

    Sapling Puller

    I built it, it's working out better than I anticipated.
  13. magicheater

    Sapling Puller

    Here is how I do it.
  14. magicheater

    Add on grapple for a B5200 with FEL?

    The power beyond would go to another valve body in series with what you have now. The return lines can be T'ed and it is a good idea to use a little larger hose size on them. The A-B and C-D ports are the work ports where you attach your cylinders to. The unmarked ports near the power beyond...
  15. magicheater

    Quick attach

    My thoughts exactly...Here is a set I designed and built out of mostly 1/4" steel, they weigh in at just over 100 lbs. and I have lifted close to 1000 lbs. with them.
  16. magicheater

    La 211

    Probably not, the standard loader for that tractor is an LA302 or LA352 The LA211 loader was for the early BX models and has a center curl cylinder.
  17. magicheater

    LA504 Question on B3300SU

    Driving into the pile and trying to lift at the same time actually increases the forces, the force forward is impeding the lift. With HST it is a common maneuver to tap reverse while still applying lift to abate the forward forces effects and still come away with a full bucket. Practice will...
  18. magicheater

    Block heaters

    That is exactly what i did for the solution, made my own socket out of a 17mm bolt I had! It is not perfect but it worked. :)
  19. magicheater

    best rpm range for B7800 kubota hydrostatic ?

    I concur mostly, PTO work is optimal at 2600 RPM's. There is occasion I use my tiller at less RPM's to achieve what I want. Loader/grapple work I tend to work at the lowest RPM that is effective. There is plenty of torque there at lower RPM's as well. I will shift down in range first more...
  20. magicheater

    3 point rear blade

    Looks like you did a great job, always more satisfaction when you "made it yourself"! I would use a hardened pin instead of what I see as a grade 3 bolt in the keeper hole.... :)