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  1. 85Hokie

    Pickup truck loader (AKA boom pole)

    Remember as you move away from the pivot point the AMOUNT you can lift will decrease proportionally. If that hole is through the pipe - that will be the first place it will bend or break once the load gets heavy.
  2. 85Hokie

    BX2350 won't start and I'm at a loss

    Before you place the new starter in, remove the old one and lightly sand the mating faces and re-install and see what happens
  3. 85Hokie

    Pull power from battery or starter for fuse block M5N-111?

    I agree with Jay 100% - anytime you are adding a "new" circuit - add a relay to the battery, unless the new device is drawing very little amps. the main reason - is something goes ............ sideways - you have only one place to look, and the sideways did NOT screw up the rest of the wiring.
  4. 85Hokie

    She won't crank over.

    Sounds as if your glow plugs are not "glowing" tell me why YOU changed you glow plugs and the history UP TO this point of the tractor
  5. 85Hokie

    Diesel type fuel

    What he said^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  6. 85Hokie

    B1750 Making a terrible noise!!

    I would agree with you - sounds like you are on the right track with the throw out bearing, that is IF it is still around!
  7. 85Hokie

    BX1880 Wheels and tires

    so... yes they will fit - but, be aware the the 1880 uses a front rim size of 7.5 width - and the 2380 use a 8.5 front width, so what's the problem? that 8.5 will reach and rub the steering knuckle - and bind the front rim up! the ratio is about the same - very very close btw. SO - the...
  8. 85Hokie

    BX1880 Wheels and tires

    well now............ Yes and no! If have to run and do some things for my wife. I will come back and tell you in full detail
  9. 85Hokie

    Piranha toothbar questions

    I too have the original version in 9 years - the new version looks to be better served for small saplings - then again it might be better all the way around. Whichever you choose - it will help digging by 300%
  10. 85Hokie

    Kubota Says No Wheel Ballast With a Backhoe.

    I dont thinks so - since the axles never carry the weight of the fluid in the tires! ALL the weight, unless you are moving FASTER than the weight can stay below the axle is transferred to the ground and not through the axle. And doing a bit more research - the added weight could be a roll over...
  11. 85Hokie

    Kubota Says No Wheel Ballast With a Backhoe.

    My dealer filled my BX25D tires from the get go. I have never had the hoe off either.
  12. 85Hokie

    BX2350 won't start and I'm at a loss

    Before you order new cables - clean up the ends with some sandpaper or emery cloth, but then LOOK inside the connector where the connector is clamped to the copper itself - sometimes it will oxidize INSIDE the connector - outside looks fine, inside is corroded!
  13. 85Hokie

    BX2350 won't start and I'm at a loss

    When you say the battery is great - what does that mean? DID you take it out and take to an automotive store and have it load tested? As mentioned - check and then recheck the cables.
  14. 85Hokie

    All you smart AI guys, hams or anybody else

    Skeets, I don't see you with a broom stick....... maybe a 12 gauge - but no a broom stick!! Defective - send back !
  15. 85Hokie

    M9000 shuts down

    Sounds to me your Kubota M9000 is starving for fuel - what is history on fuel filter changes ? Another thought - are you moving around in the seat WHEN it shuts off?
  16. 85Hokie

    Daily Chuckle

    I have run across this too - order one piece at a time is cheaper than 2 packs or more. Another tricky thing to watch for - you can get 5% off this item ..... and you order it, but then you wanted another - there is no 5%. IF someone else orders - they will get the 5%. AND if you order multi...
  17. 85Hokie

    Daily Chuckle

    U R rite!
  18. 85Hokie

    What is this tractor worth?

    It looks well worn - but it is worth more than what you have in it for sure. I would start at $7,500 or $8000 and work from there.
  19. 85Hokie

    Kubotas to avoid

    I am going to disagree with you 100 % - those that run around on M1 Abrams tanks also think a rocket launchers is underpowered!!! I will take my BX into places a M or L will never fit! WILL it pick up 2000 lbs? NOPE - but it will move 600 lbs around at a time quicker than the M or L series...
  20. 85Hokie

    How did you mount your fire extinguisher?

    That has to be an experience - having the FE go off without knowing it! That bags seems to have it covered up pretty well - how the heck does it pull the pin in the bag?