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    LX2610 how to slow loader drop?

    The bucket for example with a load in it drops quickly and really bounces the tractor around if not careful. Is there a way to add resistance in the hydraulic line when lowering it to not drop so quick? I know you can slightly control the drop, but it is extremely sensitive, then drops all of a...
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    Arm Rests LX2610SU?

    Im looking for a set of arm rests for my LX2610SU. Anyone have the Kubota Part number or other solution?
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    Analysis Paralysis L2501/LX2610SU…….B2601

    I just bought the LX2610SU and love it! Also had the 3rd function added. Then picked up the Armstrong Ag Mini Grapple, which is still 5' wide and grate for raking with the close tines. This Grapple is less than $1200. I have already tested it pulling up mesquite trees and picking up a few 18"...
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    Anybody here have the part number for the LX2610 3rd function kit?
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    Did you ever get your 3rd function? I just bought my LX2610 and am told the 3rd function is on backorder indefinitely. ugg. Do you know the Kubota 3rd fu action part number by chance?