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    New Backhoe couplers, BT4550 and BT7543

    Are these still available?
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    Summit Hydraulics electric rear remote valve kit - Kubota L3901

    Will this remote setup work on a L2501?
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    What canopy for L3940

    I saw something like that on craigslist a few years ago. Some guy had a trailer of them. They were $80 or that time. Where did you get yours? A dealer for the carts? Maybe this is the guy.
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    What canopy for L3940

    Thanks for the comments....I never came across the Rhino products.
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    What canopy for L3940

    I'm looking to add a fiberglass or aluminum canopy to my L3940. I do not want a fabric shade. There's a couple that I've found that look nice (like the one with the fan in it), but they're around $600-$700. Is that the going rate? What is the good one....or maybe the better question is which...