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    Drilling a LA525 loader frame

    I need something like a piece of PVC . If I'm out on the road blowin snow & my cane pops off somewhere I'm screwed . Thats who I wanted to bolt a piece of pipe that my cane drops down into so I don't have to worry about it . I haven't seen. any adhesives that I can trust to take vibration for...
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    Drilling a LA525 loader frame

    I want to drill & tap a few holes in the frame on my LA525 loader . I want to drill the frame upright to make a place to put my cane when I'm using the tractor . I've looked it over pretty good & I'm pretty sure it won't be a issue but thought I'd put it out there incase theres somethingI'm...
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    Top and Tilt debacle...A pictorial guide on how to shoot ones self in the foot (Part 1)

    Just remember experience is something ya don't have til the day after ya need it . animals45
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    B2400 Back Blade

    ON the 72 rear blade I have I unbolted the blade from the frame & slid it over to the next set of bolt holes . When I angle my blade so it's low on the right side & use it to cut & clean out the ditch's on either side of my dirt road/driveway . Moving the blade over is some work but the end...
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    B7100 Backhoe setup…. Is this the correct way?

    Can't help ya with the question . I've never seen stabilizer's on a hoe with that big shield before , interestin ' That looks like a pretty good sized bucket . good luck with yer question animal
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    Pallet Fork Platform

    I wouldn't sweat it one bit if the forks are the SSQA type . Ive worked 15-20 ' tall in those cages plenty of times .Make sure the forks are as long as the cage or as close as possible , I don't think I'd work with les then 75 % forks to cage . Strap the cage to the backrest of the fork assy ...
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    Took Possession of My New Tractor

    Sometimes lights mounted above the driver create a lot of glare . I gotta wonder if anyone has replace the a factory headlite bulbs with a Cree LED or some other good brand . I've had my L3301HST a couple of years now & there is so much crap under the hood I don't think I've ever seen my engine...
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    Rear Floodlight On A LX2610?

    That could very well be cause it's from HF , maybe a real one like a Hella would be different . The type of lens makes a difference . I myself have no problem lighting up the hill side , I don't see like I used to . animals45
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    Rear Floodlight On A LX2610?

    I have one ot those lights on the back of my L3301 & I am not a bit impressed with it . It will be replaced before winter hits . animals45
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    Belly blade

    I had one on one of my International Farmall cubs but I ended up moving it in front of front axle .It was too hard to plow snow of gravel with the belly blade , after spreading the gravel the bell blade worked ok but I ended up leaving it out front . . I think that wheel base may be a bit short...
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    Looking For Advice On Addons For My New Tractor.

    I find I use the rear blade more than the box on my L3301HST . animals45
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    B7100 Hydraulic block diverter (70060-00360 or 70070-00385)

    Thanks , I have some reading to do . thanks animals45
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    B7100 Hydraulic block diverter (70060-00360 or 70070-00385)

    Where would this install on a L3301HST with a L525 Loader & BH77 hoe ? Would this be a better way to power a double spool valve for a T&T down the road ? MY 3pt has a hydraulic motor for the chute rotation & it would be nice to be able to use one of the spools for the blower chute in the...
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    B2150hst How to Control FEL Speed

    I'm up north outside of Graeagle , did @ 100 hrs on snow last year . Better get her learnin on that stuff . Are you doin a off grid or sell back animals45
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    B2150hst How to Control FEL Speed

    Good idea , work smarter not harder . Does yer bride know that these panels will have to be cleaned off ? Don't know what part of Ca yer in , but with a tile roof I reckon ya don't get much snow ? animals45
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    B2150hst How to Control FEL Speed

    Well good luck to you folks . I always lift them one at a time , sure that takes more time , but if something starts to go south it's only one panel thats in danger . animals45
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    B2150hst How to Control FEL Speed

    I didn't say to lift the panels up on the roof , I said slide them up . Yer gonna have to lift them at some stage to get them in to & out of the bucket . What do ya have on the tractor 7 ' of lift ? Im pushin 70 & recently did some 330 watt panels .& have installed enough to know what they weigh...
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    B2150hst How to Control FEL Speed

    Why don't ya run a couple of 2x6's like a ramp up to the roof & slide the panel's up . Their not very heavy . I wouldn't let anyone that's not familar with my tractor that close to my house . Or why not use his tractor ? animals45
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    quick hitch (land pride)

    Get some auto heater hose . Rubber/plastic ain't what it used to be animal