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    Z725 Oil

    I have a Z725 with the Koehler motor in it. The manual says 10W30 with an AP rating of SG, SH, or SJ. I went to Wal-Mart and could not find oil with those AP ratings. I noticed my 4-wheeler manual recommended the same AP ratings so I went to a motorcycle shop and no luck. When I change the...
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    Looking for buying and selling advice - 12+ Acre Lot

    I have a 2501DT on a similar sized place and it is perfect. Sure there are times I wish I had something bigger but as many times I wish I had something smaller. Just depends on the particular job I am doing. The 2501DT does everything I need it to do very well. The times I wish I had...
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    Question(s) about tending a brush pile fire with the tractor.

    I have burned a lot of piles and the tractor is a key part of a successful burn. I am selective on the days I burn. High humidity is key. Rain a day or two ahead of the burn and/or forecasted right after the burn is perfect. Little to no wind is good. I use the tractor with the bucket to...
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    Mixing hydraulic oil

    Thanks for everyone’s input. Sounds like I am fine either way. I will probably just top it off with AW32 like what is in it. A 1/2 gallon or so of AW46 in a 4 gallon tank of AW32 isn’t really going to raise the vecosity level enough to make a difference.
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    Mixing hydraulic oil

    I bought a Countyline 25 ton hydraulic log splitter. It came filled with fluids. Engine oil level was fine but the hydraulic oil is low and probably needs a gallon. It says it came prefilled with AW-32. Looking at the fluid temp range chart that came with the splitter AW-46 looks to be a...
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    L2501 Owners with tillers

    I just bought a 58” reverse rotation for my 2501DT. It works fine. The Kubota dealer suggested the 66” version and have no doubt it would also work. My garden is kind of tight so went with the more narrow 58” version. I wish though I would have bought a forward rotation model as I am now...
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    Differential lock pedal

    I would buy one for my 2501. Anytime I need to lock in the differential I am in a hairy situation and it’s barely usable because it slips out from under the heel of my boot.
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    L2501 Fuel Filter Change

    Thanks for the video. That one is much better. My concern was air in the lines and how to bleed them. Looks like that’s not an issue.
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    L2501 Fuel Filter Change

    I changing my fuel filter on my 2501 this weekend. The tractor is a few years old and the filter has the all clear plastic housing. Is there a good YouTube video on how to do this? I found one video but the video quality was poor and was hard to tell anything.
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    Opinions on post hole diggers

    I bought the one from TSC with a 9” auger and it works fine. It’s an occasional use item for me. Just don’t sink it all the way. Dig out some dirt, then pull it up, then go a little deeper, pull up, ...... It will go down in a hurry so if you let it get too deep it will get stuck.
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    New L2501 low trans fluid at 10 hours

    If it makes you feel better my 2501 needed hydraulic fluid added several times during the first 10 or so hours. I thought it was low when I got it but when new the fluid is so clear it’s hard to tell on the white back ground of the window. I added a quart and it looked fine. Then it looked...
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    New member, first time tractor ordered, L3901-HST

    Congrats on the new tractor. I have a 2501 which is basically the same size and weight. I also live on some property with plenty of terrain. Just be careful and take it easy for a while as you learn the tractor and how it reacts over various parts of your property. I think for the first year...
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    Quick Hitch

    I have an L2501 with Landpride 1260 rotary cutter and a Landpride QH15 quick hitch and have not noticed any issues. I do not have the telescoping stabilizer arms. Buy the quick hitch and try it. Even if it doesn’t work you will be glad you have a quick hitch.
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    L2501dt tractor griding gears

    I don’t know what ***8217 means I didn’t use curse words but for whatever reason when I posted it edited my response.
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    L2501dt tractor griding gears

    I have the exact same tractor. I don***8217;t really notice gear grind in H, L, or R. For example if I am working the bucket picking up a load of dirt from a pile I can go from L to R or R back to L without grind. It***8217;s quick and easy. When I notice grind at times is when I go into...
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    Fuel can options

    I gave up on the and bought a 2.5 gallon Wavian/Jerry can. Though not cheap it works great and now a want to buy another for gasoline. You can get them in 5 gallon cans. For me the 2.5 gallon can is great as it is easy to handle and it’s just the right amount to keep my tractor topped off for...
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    L2501? B2650? What type/how large of a tractor to buy.?

    I have a 2501 here at my house which is on 10+ acres and it is about perfect. Sure there are times I wish I had a bigger tractor (not 3301 or 3901 but physically bigger) and sometimes I wish I had a smaller tractor. Overall the 2501 does very well for my needs. I picked the 2501 over the 3301...
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    Plowing a tiny bit of land with just a loader?

    I just use my box blade. I drop the the rippers down to the lowest setting and drive around breaking up the soil. My garden is for personal use (24’x40’). I am not growing crops. Just tomatoes, okra, peppers, etc. so if you need a box blade anyway than get one and use it to break up the...
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    L2501 rear tires filled

    I brought my new 2501 home without filled tires. After my first year I took it to my dealer for the one year service and had the tire filled with beet juice. I also had the rims moved out to their widest stance. Much better tractor. Much more stable and much more usable. The extra weight...
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    Post hole auger and quick hitch?

    Thanks guys. Pretty much what I figured. Thanks for confirming.