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    How to determine selling price - B6100D

    Didn't know that...My had AG tires front and back. So did keep car tires on the front? If needed to replace them.
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    How to determine selling price - B6100D

    Interesting car tires up front. With AG/bar tires...
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    How to determine selling price - B6100D

    Just so you know...I sold a FEL tractor on craiglist and a set (Ford) harrow disc. Now I'm no fan of CL but they sold. Take a look here on the Classifieds, I think a few people wanted that deck?
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    Love to smack a plumber

    I been on job site's in Ohio... Dielectric unions aren't used on HW tanks? In my state they are used! My Father-in-law needed shut-off's replaced on a kitchen sink. He called a plumber he came in looked at them...Said I have to go to store and buy them? Large (New) van and doesn't have stock...
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    3 point back blade ?

    I've used a rear blade for ballast. Now this a Ford Dearborn maybe from the 50's? It works great for dirt and snow! It's all I ever need and fit the bill...
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    Found an interesting site that sells seeds

    Here are a few more non-GMO...
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    Is it me or is Kubota becoming overpriced???

    Just greed..." A look at the company’s profits also yields a daunting figure. The company reported making $39.5 million in profit a year ago. That number jumped to $323.2 million in the quarter ending in February, and the company noted a 718% jump in profits, according to CNN."...
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    Be a part of Broken by Design: A Documentary on Right-to-Repair

    They all do it...I had a new (97) Chevy Astro van. It air filer was proprietary, and only sold (at first) dealers? As I remember dealer parts price was +40 dollars. Later on it could be purchased at a auto parts store for under $8. Today in most cases you need proprietary software troubleshoot...
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    Good inexpensive grease gun?

    Like those who don't see red lights...And run them?
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    Good inexpensive grease gun?

    I bought one at my Ford dealer...+30 years ago just replaced the hose on it! Buy a good one as they say you get what you pay for...
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    Buying used things/equipment - Farm auctions or MarketPlace/Craigs list..?

    Just so, you know you can remove (CL) the add, I done it many times! Also you can change the add...Last 4 numbers of your phone number I change to "sold". CL also removes the add as it ages out. I think it 90 days. I sold one of my tractors 2-3 years ago. As I remember a (CL) charge on that add...
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    Buying used things/equipment - Farm auctions or MarketPlace/Craigs list..?

    I've done it both ways buy and selling. FB Marketplace is good source to buy on same with Craiglist. Craigslist selling stuff always has the low ballers on it. They are far better than selling on E-bay! Buying on E-bay is gone down hill...
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    Air Filter Cleaning?

    In the Japaneses motor cycle world they also say...Change the Oil and every other time replace the oil filter. I have also blown filters out before, from inside out. Also washed them out and reused them next cycle!
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    B7200 rototiller

    I've used a rototiller on my B8200HST rated for a larger HP. The tractor it is for is a 12 speed manual. To be honest I'd would take a manual hands down over a HST... In your case I would call Landpride for their opinion? Or your dealer that selling it.
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    Just bought a B2601

    Welcome... All should be well? My Ford has a (manual) 12 speed and has synchronizer. Our Kubota HST has a 3 speed should be stopped before changing a range! Each has one has a use...For moving stuff the HST is great. Enjoy your new Kubota it's a learning curve.
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    What About Your Tractor Makes You Swear?

    The key is easy to bend with my knee...Yes at one point I broke the key.
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    I just bought a B7100 HST

    Is that (Per tag) right it's a (2) speed HST? With a two speed PTO...
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    I just bought a B7100 HST

    They don't say what year was the end of the run? But for sure it was a long run...
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    I just bought a B7100 HST

    Wow didn't know that...Which source to believe?