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    loader settles while engine running

    The loader settles, even when empty, while the tractor is operating. There are no obvious leaks from the cylinders. Is there a way to tell if the problem is the control valve? Can the valve be rebuilt, or is there a replacement available...the loader is a B219 from 1977, valve is 2 spool...
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    buying a b7100

    How many hours on it? I just bought a B7100 with 1721 hours for $4000. Remember to do all service when you get it and start new service records. Parts are readily available from local dealer.
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    I like Messicks, they'll email a section of the parts manual to help find what you need.
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    I flushed the radiator....while changing the hoses discovered a ton of sludge in the cooling system Oh, and I sanded the hood and got it ready for paint.
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    how much tiller for B7100

    thanks for all the input....decided to go with the 40" Simco
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    how much tiller for B7100

    looking to put a tiller on my B7100 gear tractor. Does anyone know what size it will handle? thanks
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    fel fluid change

    to CAE thanks for the advise..did as you suggested and found to my surprise that the filter was clean, the fluid looked new, and there was no sludge at the botttom of the resevoir tower. Apparently some repairs were done to the loader since everything else on the tractor shows signs of neglect...
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    fel fluid change

    just bought and old style B7100 and want to change out all the fluids. The fel is self contained, with pump running off front pto. Resevoir is in right tower. Problem is, there is no drain plug (or fluid level indicator for that matter). How do I go about draining the fluid? I also want to...