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    B2601 Loader

    Glad I have the 434. I’d never own one of those 435 junks.
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    B2601 owners

    I have had mine since 2018 and have 609 hrs on it. About 500 of those are using a MMM on wide variety of terrain, and several pretty steep hills. This machine also does some loader duty so it has loaded rears. I haven’t noticed any power and/or speed loss from new. I run about 2600 RPM most of...
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    Spun rim

    Ok thanks. I don’t have time to do this right now, tire is in the truck, and it’s going to the tire shop tomorrow.
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    Spun rim

    Anybody ever spun their rim and had it not seal up after? I had too low pressure and towed up a knarly uphill, rim spun and its a loaded tire. I blew it up to 30 psi but it’s Got a pin hole leak On the bead. anybody ever get a spun bead to reseal?
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    60" Drive Over Mid Mount Mower or 60 Traditional Side Discharge Mower

    I have been running a B2601 for the last four years with the drive over 60” deck and I love it. Mostly. I find myself using this tractor for a lot of things cuz it’s small and maneuverable so I take the deck off weekly. It’s easy and I can put in on or off in about three minutes. The “worst”...
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    Possible DEF shortages

    Wow, a lot of brainwashed creeps on this board. Never thought it was that way here,
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    Ants in light switches

    IIWM, I’d be replacing the switches from Walmart with some other brand. Who knows what they are made out of. Maybe some mugugaipan.
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    Tiller recommendation for B7300

    I would think a 4ft rototiller would be ok on the back of that tractor if it’s light or medium soil. I think it’s only about 16 PTO HP on that machine.
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    1986 B7200 Hydrostatic Thanksgiving Dilemma

    You need to download this: go to page 71 and follow the troubleshooting guide.
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    Recommend a kubota product for my use case

    Poster lives in the north. What usually knocks power out more in the north than a blizzard or a heavy wet branch and power line busting snowstorm. Pretty hard to run the generator when the tractor is busy removing all the snow.
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    Recommend a kubota product for my use case

    I’d get a stand alone generator IIWY.
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    Am I crazy?? Box blade, grader blade 2-in-1...??

    So a box blade has 2 blades, one facing forward and one facing back. The one facing back isn’t really “boxed” , so if you modify a box blade and make it so it can pivot, turn it around and it’s a grader blade. Sort of. The pivot can have pin holes for 45 deg. angle too.
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    Removable Loader Options for a Kobuta B2400.

    A B2400 would take a LA351 loader which is de-tachable. Not sure if anything current would fit an older B series.
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    How do you store your loader when off the tractor?

    Mine goes in a corner of my shop building. I take it on/off frequently during the spring/summer/fall. The Kubota hardly moves all winter, so I just leave it on.
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    B2601 mower deck always failing down

    So the height adjustment on these things is just a plastic cam. There‘s click stops on the adjustment shaft. Sounds like either or both of those is worn Letting the adjustment to slip down. It’s a hokie setup. I’m not a fan of suspended decks anyway. but i’d bet on yer plastic height adjustment...
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    Quick Hydrolic fluid change question

    That idea of putting the dipstick with the key is good. if I leave a sump dry overnight or a couple days, I always remove the key, or in the case of power equipment take off the spark plug wire to remind me. I drained a leaf blower motor once and didn’t have the right oil after. Couple days...
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    How long can I get parts for Kubota?

    If you buy new, you wouldn’t have to worry so much about that. When after NOS parts dry up, there’s always salvage parts. Buy a case of filters and a drums of fluid and sleep at night :)I’d be more worried at how much longer could you buy reasonably priced fuel, or if you could get it at all at...
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    bx25d vs b7500

    Wheel/tire size. Larger tires on the 7500 will fall in the holes and ruts less. Plus its probably wider and more stable on hillsides. Ground Clarence is important if you get into brush stumps and bramble. Being heavier is an advantage while pulling stuff out of the ground. you also can’t ignore...
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    Snow clearing with front mount snowblower...rear box blade or rear angled blade?

    When I lived in the north, I had a front mount blower on a B7500 and used it on gravel and traprock etc. . You’ll want to put some gauge wheels on on yer blower or it’ll get eaten up pretty quick. I learned that with a an old JD I had. I had them mounted behind the blower housing and it kept the...
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    Pressure washing tractor?

    Pressure washer pumps last longer if dead heading the pump is kept to a minimum.