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  1. rjcorazza

    Warning: oil thread

    I prefer gear oil in the front axle also. I use my tractor a lot in the winter for plowing (except this year!) so I prefer a 5w40 engine oil.
  2. rjcorazza

    Fuel starvation

    I used a Racor 215r2 and a Racor vacuum gauge to monitor the filter condition.
  3. rjcorazza

    Block heater help

    I got the exact same answer from ZeroStart (Phillips & Temro), and their technical documentation on the www site says the same thing.
  4. rjcorazza

    Standard manual vs hydrostatic on slope

    Also, HST or manual, coming down that slope with a loaded bucket will take weight off of the rear wheels. Be sure to ballast the rear and be in 4wd. Anyone who has "taken the ride" will attest.
  5. rjcorazza

    Choosing between recommended oil weights

    For the OP; Strictly sticking with what the manual recommends is going to present difficulties. As has been mentioned, the API classification of CJ4 while still current, is superceded by CK4. Kubota has a long history of omitting perfectly acceptable viscosity ranges, notably lower "W"inter...
  6. rjcorazza

    New Member

    Looks like you have that machine well equipped!
  7. rjcorazza

    Anybody using a Baumalight or other PTO powered Generator?

    I run a 15kw pto generator (Winco) matched to 32hp at the pto. With some very basic power management it runs my entire house. With two zone HVAC I can only operate one zone at a time if A/C is involved. It's mounted on a trailer and easily stores in a shed. I personally would not store it...
  8. rjcorazza

    Looks like my block heater crapped the bed…

    The image below is page 177 from Phillips Temro's Technical information book:
  9. rjcorazza

    L4060 Creeps Painfully Slowly in Reverse

    It's hard to visualize the water separator screen, but if your fuel was to gel it would start there. I would remove the separator bowl and confirm the screen is clean, reassemble, and bleed the system as has been previously described. The L60 series machines bleed quickly with the 12v lift pump...
  10. rjcorazza

    Looks like my block heater crapped the bed…

    Suit yourself, but there is no advantage to starting a machine with the block heater plugged in. It could be that the manufacturer is grasping at straws to explain a failure. I have never experienced a element failure and will continue to unplug the heater prior to starting.
  11. rjcorazza

    Looks like my block heater crapped the bed…

    Direct quote from a leading block heater manufacturer (Phillips & Temro, Zero start): " I have had two heaters fail right after I installed. Can you tell me what is happening? The most likely cause is that there isn’t sufficient coolant covering the heater. One of the possible issues is that...
  12. rjcorazza

    Looks like my block heater crapped the bed…

    Late to the party, but some block heaters have a sleeve that fits in the freeze plug, and threads for the heater element. With that style a replacement element is just threaded into the previously installed freeze plug thingy (technical term). May not make your job much easier this time, but...
  13. rjcorazza

    Cold effects on diesel fuel.

    I use Power Service in the white bottle (antigel) in the winter, and the silver bottle in spring / summer / fall. 1 oz per 3 gallons, and make sure the treated fuel is run through the whole system. Microbial contamination can be a disaster to deal with, and as mentioned, requires water...
  14. rjcorazza

    Fuel starvation

    @firefighter206 Glad you got your fuel problem sorted out. I wasn't aware that there was a check valve in the crossover tube. I'm sure my L4060 has the same fuel setup, so I'll keep in mind if I have similar starvation issues in the future. The plastic piece doesn't look capable of totally...
  15. rjcorazza

    Missing zerks (never installed) on L4060 front wheel case supports.

    I went through this with my L4060 5 years ago. In the operator's manual it does omit the zirks in the routine maintenance table for greasing the 3560 and 4060.
  16. rjcorazza

    Amber Lens

    I bought a whole light on eBay when I was losing lenses. I installed a set of light guards from Specialty Repairs up in Canada. Haven't lost a lens since.
  17. rjcorazza

    Who Makes Kubota Diesel Enhancer

    I personally would not take any chances on diesel fuel in the winter months. Our moderate area also switches to treated fuel by November 1st, but I don't count on it, and add an anti gel product (Power Service). A gelled fuel system is a royal pain.
  18. rjcorazza

    Hydro oil Filter question L4400HST

    Kubota manuals frequently have servicing errors like you mention. My previous L3410 manual listed the 200h service as yours does. Current L4060 specifically says do not drain the transmission to replace the Transmission (HST) filter. Removing the Transmission (HST) filter will result in maybe a...
  19. rjcorazza

    L2501HST 50Hr Hydraulic Fluid Change?

    I did not notice any difference in the 50h vs 400h change, either in operation or fluid appearance. Fluid appearance is a poor indicator of condition anyway. "If I HAD to" I would say that since you are putting the thought into this and you state that money is not a driving factor, then change...
  20. rjcorazza

    Using PTO in high range?

    I ran my B8200 in the high speed PTO at reduced engine rpm all the time when mowing.