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    Adding front end loader to L3000DT

    I have a L3000DT and it came with a LA452 loader.
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    Top N Tilt

    I have a 3 setup and use 1 for top 2 for tilt and 3 for hydraulic scarifiers on box scraper.
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    Kubota QA

    There is a big difference, it's called weight. This machine will only pick up about 800-900 lbs. I'm not looking for a lot of options, just bucket and forks. Don't know how you can say ssqa is cheaper when I would have to convert tractor and bucket.
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    Kubota QA

    RBA50, would you happen to know what all buckets the B1658 QA fits? Thats what I'm looking for but don't know dimensions of the B1658 to know if it would fit. My FEL is a LA452.
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    Kubota QA

    Thanks, I did try Messicks and couldn't find anything there either. I don't know a model number, that would help me too.
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    Kubota QA

    If you search mounting loader bucket by jsmootz on here, go to post #5 and there is a picture of a set. There is also a link to a youtube video of a guy changing implements using these. Got in touch with Dan, he builds these, waiting for a price. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think these used...
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    Kubota QA

    RBA50 is right. That's not the one I'm looking for. I think it was the first QA kubota had, but don't think they make them anymore. I found an old post on here where a guy builds them and was able to get in touch with him. He is willing to build me a set, I need to get some measurements to him...
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    ISO Kubota QA

    Looking for a Kubota QA (not SSQA) for my LA452 FEL on my L300DT
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    Kubota QA

    Anyone know where I could get a Kubota QA for my L3000 with LA452 FEL? I want the type that uses the top pins and slide the lower pins in. Not SSQA. I can find pictures on the net but can't find them to buy. I assume everyone has gone to ssqa. I just personally don't want that style. May have...