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    Homemade Grapple

    Your idea is exactly how I did mine
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    Homemade Grapple

    That's just a short piece 2" of C channel cut out with zip cut
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    Homemade Grapple

    Thanks yours is similar to the way I did mine
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    Homemade Grapple

    I did weigh individual pieces and I'm thinking its a little more than the bucket not including the Hyd. cylinder. Its fitted to a B2601 so I will watch what I lift thks
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    Homemade Grapple

    Finally all painted - done. Decided to my a grapple and save some heavy lifting. Had no plan, just added to the quick attach frame I had made for a set of forks. Just have to slide the forks off and attach the lower prongs, attach the grab hook part with hydraulic cylinder. Hooked it up to...
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    Bought my 1st Kubota.

    Sorry to hear about your injury's hope you get back to good health. Don't look back you guys will love your Kubota. Life is crazy these days, but things will get better for you. Congrats.
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    Aux light circuit over rated?

    Hello if its any help I just finished putting a Kubota 3rd function on my B2601. When I tested it it immediately blew the fuse. I checked the fuse box up beside the motor and found Kubota put a 5 amp fuse in, so I checked the service manual and it says "up to 35amp Max. Changed to 10 amp. ok...
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    L45 front 3rd Function Fuse Blowing Intermittently - HELP!

    I should have clarified that I put a 10 amp fuse in place of the 5 amp to start with. I will see if it is heavy enough once I get my homemade grapple hooked up. THKS
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    L45 front 3rd Function Fuse Blowing Intermittently - HELP!

    Hi I just put a Kubota third function valve on my B2601, it went good. But when I tested the switch I heard a klick from the 3rd function valve. Upon investigation, Kubota had put a 5 amp fuse in for the accessory wire which is not much good for anything. According to the service manual it...
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    Wire Loom Management on ROPS Options

    Hello, just did the same thing, I put a bead of black silicone on the ROP then press your wire loom into it and hold in place with tape, clamps etc whatever holds it there till it dries
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    Heat control

    No this model does not come with a cab but if you look in the fabrication section you can see the cab I built, I think I posted it last Sept,Oct around there
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    Heat control

    Hello I posted this pic and there is a short 3/8" circulating hose from fan housing to thermostat so I don't think I can completely stop the flow. My heater hooks up to line from fan housing and runs through heater and back to thermostat in a loop. Because I can't restrict the flow of the...
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    New Manuel

    Good day, just food for thought. I just got a manual printed for my B2601. I had my dealer print the WSM on my thumb drive for $50. Then I took to computer store and they printed with high quality paper and color, it is a beautiful book 30$. I did look on line for copies and disks , however...
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    Heat control

    Hello all has any one used the 3 way T port valve from Amazon. They come in stainless or Brass. Need to put one in the lines from rad to heater, I have to divert some anti freeze back to rad gets to hot in cab with straight flow. Also would have to direct the flow back to rad in the warmer...
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    " Firestarters" for woodstoves ?

    Go around to places were new houses are being built, they also like to get rid of the cut-offs, split- em up start your fire vola
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    Custom Tool Box

    Hello all, just wasn't impressed with Kubota's idea of a tool box on my new B2601. I guess if they had off put a nice one on it could have been a deal breaker:love: So I made my own, attached it to the steel cross member (changed to heavier angle iron) that holds the slow moving vehicle sign...
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    Service manuals

    Hello all Merry Christmas, just wondering if anyone has any good suggestions on where to buy a service manual for a 2022 Kubota B2601 Thks
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    New decking on my trailer

    Welcome to the group. I replaced a deck on my trailer also that was held in a channel at both ends, but I found the channel at the back was actually a piece of angle iron that was put on after the new deck was layed down and tack welded all along the length, all I did was zip cut the tack welds...
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    Heater bypass valve

    Thanks for the info. so I think then I need the T port one
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    Heater bypass valve

    Check out the cab I build in Fabrication section takes a lot of hours but is worth it, not a fan of aftermarket cabs to expensive