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  1. chim

    QA Adapter Plate Query

    You may want to look at a few builds here:
  2. chim

    L3200 hood wont open

    My L3200 went away a few years ago, but I think that there was a hood ornament that had to be twisted. Also think it had an arrow (diamond?) showing the direction. Try pushing down on the hood while twisting the chrome thing.
  3. chim

    Quick Hitch

    I bought a QH from TSC or HF one or two tractors ago and never tried it. Still sitting in the shed unmolested. Upon noticing the differences between the implements it just didn't seem worth the effort to mod them to make them all the same.
  4. chim

    Transfer Switch for Generator Power in Outages

    It wasn't as recent as I thought. The pics are 10 years old :) The existing service cable came down inside the wall in the garage to a flush-mounted 200A breaker, then down out of the breaker to a 200A panel in the basement. The "transfer switch" wasn't any more involved than a small 200A...
  5. chim

    Transfer Switch for Generator Power in Outages

    This is what I installed for Wifey's cousin several years ago. Looks a little odd with a 200A Normal (Utility) feed on one side and a 30A Emergency (Generator) on the other. Works just like Evil Twin stated - it's the customer's choice what runs and Cousin appreciated the ability to choose...
  6. chim

    Daily Chuckle

    T There were a few times I'd have been very glad for that! EDIT TO ADD - When I built a cab back in 2012, I used steel and glass to avoid concerns about termites :)
  7. chim

    Back in the Day

    WORST steering on anything I've ever driven was a fairly new (at that time) Ford F150. Before we were issued 4X4's and SUV's one of my company trucks was a 2WD '78 F150. It had 3 on the tree, 300ci six, no power anything. No radio. Plain cab. 8' bed. The ol' "twin I-beam" front end felt...
  8. chim

    Daily Chuckle

    Rumor has it that a certain Mennonite patriarch relative two generations back would tear out the women's underwear pics when the new Sears & Roebuck catalog arrived. Never did hear if he burned the pages or squirreled them away for his own entertainment.
  9. chim

    Keys that don't suck? Keyring solutions!

    As others have already suggested, I've filed out some holes. For several years now, I've been using a quick release cable. Its flexibility allows the keys to lay flat...
  10. chim

    Towing a 14' utility trailer for a hayride?

    It's a really nice idea, but I wouldn't do it. Making sure to abide by any laws and having adequate (whatever that is) insurance sounds good. But $100 Million in insurance coverage won't bring a kid back to life if you mess up. I'm certain NONE of drivers on the hayride tragedies that show up...
  11. chim

    Gas cans now shower valves

    IIRC, the installation at the college dorm was with Powers/Watts e420 or something very similar. I looked them up tonight and below is some info. Interesting stuff. The wax motor is a bit like a small hydraulic cylinder run by expansion and contraction of the wax that modulates the hot/cold...
  12. chim

    Gas cans now shower valves

    One of the last projects the company did before I retired was a dorm building. The showers were done with equipment exactly as specified and there were a lot of problems with the "safe" shower valves. They had "wax motors" that were supposed to control the temperature of the water by...
  13. chim

    Daily Chuckle

    It's just an old version of GPS.
  14. chim

    Front Winch...

    Very nice job! I like the way it's mounted allowing it to remain while the loader is on. For pulling loads that will slide the tractor I'd figure out how to connect an anchor from the winch mount to something behind the tractor. Otherwise you're using 10,000 pounds trying to stretch the...
  15. chim

    Fried my ecm with battery change

    Did that. I'll admit to not reading everything that came up, but it is generally understood that a fully charged car battery has something approaching 15VDC produced by the "Potential Chemical Energy". That would be open circuit, no load. Without more information, my gut feeling is that...
  16. chim

    Electric Surge Protectors.

    In our area you'd best have the power company involved if you need to pull the meter. 40 years ago things were different, and we often popped meters to do work on the load side of the meter. The power company never knew, and would simply put a new meter seal on when the meter reader came...
  17. chim

    Fried my ecm with battery change

    Could someone explain where a HV spike comes from when a 12V battery is the source voltage? I'd grasp the concept if there was a coil involved.
  18. chim

    Quicktach plate-mounted "scratcher" to clean up gravel ribbon driveway

    Why not apply Roundup every now and then? I spray a ring of Roundup around most of my trees instead of fooling with mulch. None of them ever complained 😊
  19. chim

    Arborist insights on Maui (and other) wild fires

    We've all heard that the difference between a conspiracy theory and the truth is often approx. 6 months:)
  20. chim

    BX2680 mower deck vs. rear finish mower

    Welcome aboard! You have a great opportunity to try both and know firsthand that you picked the best one for you.