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  1. Biker1mike

    Adding FUEL to the MX6000 makes me cuss

    Some use a battery operated pump. Slow but they work. I use 2.5 gallon cans as they are lighter and easier to handle. BTW: be prepared for a whole ton of GAS in a diesel tractor comments.
  2. Biker1mike

    Back in the Day

    Sweet memories. I had a necker's knob on the Jeep right up to the time I was off road and hit a big rock. The knob damn near broke my hand when it came around. The girlfriend (soon to be wife) thought it was funny as hell !
  3. Biker1mike

    Back in the Day

    Mine was a 3 speed and required two hands on the wheel and serious effort to slow turn. I have cranked a Ford Model A without breaking my thumb. That car did turn better than my much newer Jeep.
  4. Biker1mike

    FordPass App

    Yikes ! Out of my knowledge now. I never ever give out my e-mail password.
  5. Biker1mike

    FordPass App

    The e-mail should be used for your ford sign-on. Use a new password for THIS site. Do not give out your actual e-mail password.
  6. Biker1mike

    b8200 - Newbie's first tractor wont start

    Old guys that had large bore 2 stroke dirt bikes try to toss them over the handlebars know of compression release ! And now back to our regular programming.
  7. Biker1mike

    Keys that don't suck? Keyring solutions!

    I have put the the key on a small key ring and then put that on a larger key ring.
  8. Biker1mike

    How government Works

    Always an exception to the rule. My eldest daughter was here for a couple of weeks. A GS 13. She was at my dining room table with my land line, her cell phone, and a laptop for 8 - 10 hours most days. The taxpayers are getting their monies worth out of this kid.
  9. Biker1mike

    How government Works

    I have seen some outcomes in the private sector that also make you shake your head.
  10. Biker1mike

    Towing a 14' utility trailer for a hayride?

    IMHO: I would pull it with the truck and keep the lights on. Kids will love it anyways ! You gonna pull that gate up and down at every stop or have kids bail over the side? At least on adult in the back to keep the little ones seated. We walked miles on Halloween.
  11. Biker1mike

    Sealing concrete leak?

    Any hardware store will have cement patch that will work on the inside of the basement. A bigger issue may be the water on the outside that is getting into the wall. Freeze and thaw action may make it larger as time goes on. Been there.
  12. Biker1mike

    Daily Chuckle

    LMAO. The 10th would be just about 2 weeks after you ordered. Just the following month. Sept 24 - Oct 10
  13. Biker1mike

    b8200 - Newbie's first tractor wont start

    My B6200 is a similar to your B8200. It really sounds like your battery is weak. What you are calling the choke in the video is the compression release. The engine should be turning much faster with that pulled out. I have only needed the compression release in cold weather to get things...
  14. Biker1mike

    Gas cans now shower valves

    Interesting. How does it control the temperature? I had the bath redone a few years ago. Single handle control and the hot is very hot. I actually lowered the water heater since we do cold water in the washer and the straight hot water was too high for comfort.
  15. Biker1mike

    Awesome dogs / Crazy pets Thread

    The dog or the wife ? Max moved on to be a stud at a friends farm. Sired some decent rabbit hunters. Me, not so much, LOL. My dogs all figured out pretty quick that mom ruled the roost ( most of the time) .
  16. Biker1mike

    New Gas can - rehash

    I know , it is buried in the forum somewhere, but to lazy to look! Long haired tree hugger... aka professional environmentalist / retired and a long haired country boy. I really tried to use the new anti-venting nozzles for gas cans. Just a bad idea or poor design. Poor flow control, gas...
  17. Biker1mike

    Awesome dogs / Crazy pets Thread

    We had a rescue Basset that tried the war of the wills over kibble. Left his bowl of dry food out and no canned food, no snacks, and no table scraps. It took him two days to admit defeat. My wife accused me of being cruel.
  18. Biker1mike

    Two weeks to stop the spread…

    Even I think this is one of the dumbest laws I have seen in a long time.
  19. Biker1mike

    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Basic little tractor stuff. Gonna let some of the lawn go back to nature. Not used since the kids are grown and the grandkids do not seem the yard types. New trend is to let lawns go back to nature so it may help resale. The family friendly grass around the house stays the same. May let...