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    The dreaded post hole auger

    I have drilled holes all over Ontario for years installing pressure treated playground up rights. I used a Land pride(before Kubota acquired them) mounted on my B8200 Manual 3ph. I have dug in every kind of ground you can imagine and had success in most except prehistoric creek beds. They are...
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    b8200 - Newbie's first tractor wont start

    I too should not be joking about glowplugs and new owners of tractors. I have learned so much from this forum because everybody is truly helpful and takes every question with good intent. I always tipped my hat to Wolfman because his knowledge is vast. A funny story of mine was The B8200 was my...
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    Backhoe Owners poll.......

    I bought my used B8200 manual in 1996 and it came with a Bradco 8LD back hoe mounted with a full frame and the 300 front end loader. I worked that tractor very hard in my playground construction business and later retired(?) it to an island in Georgian Bay Ontario where it has spent the last 20...
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    b8200 - Newbie's first tractor wont start

    what about the glow plugs? I guess the manual will spell that out after the battery is brought up to scratch
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    One of the worst Kubota parts ever made is no longer a part of my tractor!

    My 2018 BX23 leaks and I am getting it replaced. I only have about 85 Hrs on my unit so I hope the warranty is still good
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    reassembling back hoe

    I have swapped the front end loader from my B8200 manual to my B8200 HST including the entire sub frame. I am now reassembling my Bradco 8LD back hoe that has been in pieces for perhaps four years in preparation for all new hoses and some pivot pins, bushings and a cylinder rebuild. I would...
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    ford dirt scoop on B8200

    The scoop is apparently a Ford 703, not as tall as the posted 706 and is 24 inches wide. I have photos in my google photos but have to figure how to add them
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    ford dirt scoop on B8200

    Yes you are right. My mistake on the mm not cm. And the implement is the 3pt hitch reversable scoop. The 30 inch scoop is 730 mm I haven't got a picture.
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    ford dirt scoop on B8200

    I have a chance to buy a good used Ford dirt scoop from a family member. It is too big to fit on their Mitsubishi 180 (970 cm) width and I was wondering if it would fit my B8200 (1400cm)width. Has anyone used one of these implements on a similar sized tractor?
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    Recovered B8200 - Found abandoned

    I am envious of your find. I have two B8200"s, One is HST the other is manual. The former has a compression relief as noted on the diagram and manual doesn't. You can't beat that little tractor I have worked mine (manual) with Bradco 8LD back hoe in commercial playground installations and...
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    water logged B8200 engine

    Thanks everyone for your input. Drained the oil twice, replaced filter, flushed the injectors with WD and some diesel treatment and fired her up. All good. I used and apple juice can instead of a tomato . Hope that meets code.
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    water logged B8200 engine

    Thanks for the info. The engine is not siezed at the moment. I am hoping to prevent that by getting it started so I can tarp it and put it away for the winter.
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    water logged B8200 engine

    I went to put away my B8200 for the winter. It is one of two I have and the one I'm dealing with is my parts tractor. It runs fine but has been idle for the summer. I hadn't noticed that I had parked it under a roof overhang and water had entered the exposed exhaust pipe. There is a lot of water...
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    flushing and priming hydraulic system

    Thanks Dan. I only wanted to try to flush them because they have sat around for a while covered with tarps but really left to the elements.. I just thought if I could pass some kerosene or something through as a preliminary flush it would be good. So if I hook everything up and just watch my...
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    flushing and priming hydraulic system

    I recently swapped the hydraulics from my B8200 manual to a B8200 HST. The FEL is functioning fine and I am about to reassemble my Bradco 8LD back hoe. The backhoe has all new lines and is ready to be reassembled after having been in pieces for a couple of years now. I would like to no the...
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    bf300A hydraulics drain

    Thanks Dan. I'm wondering how I can hang the FEL and cycle all the cylinders with it on the ground. I guess I can jack it up and install it without the use of the hydraulics and at least get under it and make the connections.
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    bf300A hydraulics drain

    I am presently swapping my BF 300A FEL from my B8200 onto my B8200 HST. All the sub frame has been installed but prior to the install I would like to purge the FEL of old contaminated fluid before introducing it to the HST. What is the preferred method to drain the old fluid? The B8200 HST only...
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    RC60-82H belly mower for sale

    Sorry for the late reply. It is the 60 inch to fit a B8200 (RC60-82H) I think it will fit a B7200 as well
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    swapping B8200 undercarriage and hydraulics to B8200HST

    Thanks Wolfman. The older B8200 had a Bradco 8LD on the back and I don't know how custom the under carriage was. The B8200 HST seems to have all the appropriate holes to carry the BF300A