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    Retired my 5 gallon fuel cans

    I like your setup.. $100 a year for trailer plates is robbery. I think my boat trailer cost me $14ish here in GA.
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    First regen at 16 hrs.

    My L4701 did its first regen since I've owned it the other day. I bought it with 125hrs and its at 142 now, but I have no idea how long it'd been since the last one. Saw the lights flashing on the dash put it at PTO RPM and kept working. Took 10-15min. I run the tractor at whatever RPM seem...
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    Biggest log I've had in my Grapple so far

    I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it.. Right now its just a tall seat by the fire pit. I went real slow with it but probably carried it 1/2 a mile. Tractor felt a little tippy if I got to fast even with the 6ft bush hog on the back.. That tree just fell across one of our trails. There is...
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    Biggest log I've had in my Grapple so far

    Had a large oak come down and started to cut it up. This chunk was 24in at both ends and 6.5ft long. Tractor carried it with no issues, but you could tell it was heavy. Really pleased with this grapple and the lift capacity on the L4701 so far. The internet calculator I used said 1200ish lbs.
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    FIRST POST! 60 year member! Need Grapple advice new L2501 owner

    I have a similar grapple made by construction attachments and have been happy with it.
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    72" brush hog on a L3301

    I've had a similar experience on my L4701. Even when cutting some fields that had grown up for several years and were full of 6ft saplings it never bogged the tractor at all. I'd think he'll be fine with a 6ft on his L3301. There are several youtube videos of folks running 6ft rotary cutters on...
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    What's it worth? Kubota L2500 4x4 w/Loader

    That's not a bad looking tractor. I'm not familiar with that model, but the price sounds pretty fair to me.
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    L4701 vs Mx5400 vs m6060

    State Farm wrote me a personal articles policy for my L4701 and implements. Same insurance we have on wife's engagement ring. To the OP that sucks and I'm sorry for your loss.. I really like my L4701 and got lucky to find a nice used one with implements. If I was going to spend that kind of...
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    Hydraulic Oil Filter STUCK

    It was the original grey filter that came on the machine. Mine was 2015 with 125hrs, but the HST filter had never been replaced. I used that wrench with a 1/2 in breaker bar and it came off. I did still have to push on the breaker bar quite hard, but the wrench didn't slip or have any issues...
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    Hydraulic Oil Filter STUCK

    I figured I'd report back that this filter wrench took off my stuck hst filter with no issues. The filter is at the smallest range for this wrench but it worked fine. I only lost maybe a qt of fluid on my L4701, I didn't even have to top it off (was still on the upper range on the dipstick)...
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    First time tractor buying advice.

    L3901 and L4701 have different loaders. There is a pretty large difference in loader capacity 1100lbs/1700lbs (roughly) to full height. Personally I wanted a 500lb grapple so the L4701 gave me the total lift capacity I was wanting. MX has and even stronger loader than the L4701. I was buying...
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    Hydraulic Oil Filter STUCK

    Air hammer is a good idea I hadn't thought of..
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    New battery

    Mine is still original in my 2015 L4701. It was sounding a little weak when I bought the tractor so I charged it and has been doing fine since. I've already got my replacement picked out though.. I want the ring terminals so I can leave a battery charger attached. Highest cranking amps I've...
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    Hydraulic Oil Filter STUCK

    The one on my L4701 is stuck as well.. I bent my normal oil filter wrench. Ordered these two and I'm going to give it another try..:
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    Bought my first tractor

    There was a little bit of rust starting on the base of the separator. I cleaned it up best I could and its on my shopping list when I get around to heading to the dealer. If its not to expensive I may just get a whole new glass bowl and spring. They didn't clean up great with the carb cleaner I had.
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    Bought my first tractor

    Took a look today and the hose on mine was probably 10in long and was kinked. I shortened it and reattached and all seems to be well.. I noticed in the owners manual it said to replace the fuel hoses every 2 years which I though sure sounded excessive, but these do seem to be getting a little...
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    Bought my first tractor

    When I change the transmission oil in it I'll definitely get the real Kubota stuff, but I think in the short term I'm going to just change the HST filter and the engine oil/filter and grease everything. I'll give it a front to back change everything fluid replacement after I play with it a...
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    Bought my first tractor

    Thanks! They guy had it set up that way when we got there. I wouldn't have thought about setting the tiller on the bush hog.. My dad is a 737 pilot for AA.
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    Bought my first tractor

    Thanks! I've been watching tractors on craigslist/ facebook marketplace for long enough to know what things are moving for around here. I paid $23k for everything and I think I did pretty well. The guy said he had people in line if I didn't show up and had people offer him more than what I'd...
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    Bought my first tractor

    I've been lurking on the forums for a while and had been watching the market around here pretty close so when I saw this I knew it was time to go for it quick.. I'm thinking a kink is possible as well.. If it was junk in the tank it wouldn't matter what angle the water seporator was hanging...