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    Does Pump Diesel Contain Additives?

    I guess I am weird - I do not add anything to the diesel fuel for my Kubota or my Super Duty. I almost always buy my fuel at Love's or T/A truck stops with the TSD card. I've never noticed semi drivers adding anything to their fuel tanks when filling at the truck stops. Are additives a thing...
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    Paging Dr. Hackenslash.....Paging Dr. Hackenslash.......
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    Paging Dr. Hackenslash.....Paging Dr. Hackenslash.......

    I just want to say Kudos for building that cool, functional wing !! Re-directing airflow at speed is as much art as it is science. I'm impressed Sir !!! :) I was riding my motorcycle at a fairly quick clip. A large bug splattered itself right at the top edge of the windscreen. I reached up to...
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    bx2680 wheel spacer size

    I have a 2380 with a 60" MMM. I used these spacers: and the tires clear the MMM by 1/2" all the way around. 1.5" & 3" spacers are also available.
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    Home Made BX2380 Front Weight Bracket

    I made it myself. I used the factory holes for mounting - I don't want to drill the frame.
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    60" Mower Deck - Height Adjustment Help

    The adjustment knob for the deck of my 2380 is almost impossible to turn to the "Top" position. I dropped the deck and got under the BX and cleaned and lubed the mechanism. It helped for a very short time (two mowing sessions) and is now back to being stuck. Anybody have a suggestion or hint or...
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    BX2380 ROPS Carrier

    Finished her off the other day - I added the tie downs and a 1/4" thick rubber mat.
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    BX2380 ROPS Carrier

    Well, I have three attachments I use - a tiller, a bush hog and a chipper. On all three the top link is usually close to horizontal while in use. When I raise them up it is about 3 inches from where it is at rest so I guess in my scenario I'm good.
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    BX2380 ROPS Carrier

    Nothing fancy - just some 1" x 1" angle, some expanded mesh, some Grade 8 hardware and a rattle can of Kubota grey paint. Finally have a good place to carry stuff. I am going to add a few tie down hooks for bungees, ratchet straps, etc.
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    BX23S LED upgrade

    I used these in the factory headlight housings. Much brighter light and their LED placement retains the correct pattern. Auxlight 881 LEDs
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    wrong wheel spacers maybe? or can I change out bolts?

    And I installed mine in 60 minutes with zero fuss. $175 saved, worth it.
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    wrong wheel spacers maybe? or can I change out bolts?

    $190 + $40 for shipping is ridiculous for a 2" spacer. The ECCPP spacers are made to support a Jeep - substantially more torque, weight, shear forces, etc. than a BX2380 will ever subject them to. Get rid of the Kubota bolts and install three 1/2" x 20 x 1-3/4" grade 8 bolts. Use the lug nuts...
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    wrong wheel spacers maybe? or can I change out bolts?

    Use the lug nuts that came with your wheel spacers to hold the spacer to the hub. Buy six 1/2" x 20 x 1-3/4" Grade 8 bolts, thread them from the back of the hub and put red Loctite on them before you seat them. Use whatever lug nuts you like to hold the wheel to the spacer.
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    Wiring Two LED Work Lights

    Actually, it depends on the operating range of the LED lights you are using. If you wire them in series you will have exactly half of the voltage applied to each light. So in a 13.8VDC situation like your tractor, there will be 6.9VDC across each light. In all likelihood you are better off...
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    Anyone ever mount a swivel or reversable light?

    Here's where I routed the power into the ROPS, using a factory hole. Here's what the light switches look like when the lights are energized. Sorry about the dirty / wet tractor. I finished bush hogging the back property last night and am going to wash it later today, after it warms up a...
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    Anyone ever mount a swivel or reversable light?

    I found that seat level lights work well for my reverse lighting. Since my ROPS has holes in it from the factory I mounted the lights where you see them here. I bought two sets of these lights on Amazon. One set is a flood pattern, the other set is a spot pattern. I mounted one of each type on...
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    BX2370 wheel spacers

    If you order these there is no lip to worry about. Same company too. Amazon ECCPP 2" Wheel Spacers