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  1. Pawnee

    L2501 losing Hydraulic pressure when not running

    I lower everything as well now. It's a lot safer if somebody starts playing with levers, the weight of even a small FEL could crush.
  2. Pawnee

    L2501 losing Hydraulic pressure when not running

    My L2501 FEL leaks down noticeably but the 3PH stays exactly where I leave it even with a weight box on over the Winter. What is different?
  3. Pawnee

    ZB7001 Lifting Arms Stuck Up

    Is it possible that the drop control knob under the seat got turned closed? That would be the simplest fix.
  4. Pawnee

    Kubota won’t start

    The interlock switches usually prevent turnover. His is cranking fine but doesn't start.
  5. Pawnee

    Electric Surge Protectors.

    Why not get one that just protects the Laser cutter. Here is one. More joules is always better.
  6. Pawnee

    idiot engineers

    There are several places in Ontario with 110 limits. Typically, manufacturers make the speedo read out to way faster than necessary in order to make you think you have a fast car. This split scale is a new thing, and not very smart.
  7. Pawnee

    idiot engineers

    That's a very strange idea for sure. Doesn't the center read out as well? It says zero in your pic but should read 130 at 130 even though the analog scale changes at 100.
  8. Pawnee


    That is awesome! I like how the cylinders are independent. You could rent that to Warner Brothers for a horror movie.
  9. Pawnee

    Rotary cutter vibration

    Removing the blades is going to require a lot of torque on the bolts. Pulling the grass out bit by bit might be easier. I had a bad vibration once and it was due to grass buildup under one blade pivot, the blade couldn't swing all the way out and caused an imbalance. Not sure about the bump from...
  10. Pawnee

    Quick hitch won't fit FDR1660 finishing mower

    Thanks, my Speeco fits the GS048 Land plane and the RCR1260 rotary cutter perfectly although they have wider connections so more tolerance. Yes, I will have to make top link plates to allow the mower to float properly. The Speeco came with a few adapters but that one doesn't fit properly. I got...
  11. Pawnee

    Quick hitch won't fit FDR1660 finishing mower

    Hi guys: Speeco Quick Hitch L2501 FDR1660 The lower link hooks on the Speeco are 28-1/4" apart (same as on the Kubota Quick Hitch). The mower was a lot narrower than that. First pic shows the pin brackets flipped over and installed on the other side of the support frame so I could get maximum...
  12. Pawnee


    Your first 5 are all TLAs, the last is an FLA, less common, but more confusing. Worst one I ever came across was SWWFHMATSITAYKILYBBIGTHTL. I do like TANSTAAFL though.
  13. Pawnee

    Bx2380 started on its own

    You used it like that? In my experience they don't run backwards very well because the port timing is wrong. Dump lots of raw fuel out the exhaust too.
  14. Pawnee

    Any innovative ideas for covering light controls?

    A friend of mine mounted a few switches inside one of these PVC electrical parts. Meant for outdoor use. Looks very nice, I don't have a pic of his installation.
  15. Pawnee

    Fuses. Found this interesting Updated with 2nd video

    Thanks for the video. Very interesting.
  16. Pawnee

    Blowing the 40 Amp fuse

    Before you do anything else you need to stop replacing the 40A fuse, it takes a heckuva lot more than 40A to clear it and it's hard on everything involved. Make a 'fake' fuse as suggested by Roadworthy in post #8. Use something like an 1156 auto bulb, incandescent, not LED. an old headlight...
  17. Pawnee

    Blowing the 40 Amp fuse

    Try disconnecting the alternator.
  18. Pawnee

    Blowing the 40 Amp fuse

    If you don't have the WSM it is available here. I'm assuming you have removed any mods you did to get it to start and looked carefully around where you were modifying to verify you haven't left a short somewhere. That big fuse protects just about all the wiring on your machine. I think the...
  19. Pawnee

    L2501 brakes

    I've done that a couple times too. I'm half way to having a bright flashing light if it's left on but in the meantime I put the key on the release lever whenever I have to use the brake. When I can't find the key I remember.
  20. Pawnee

    Torque Wrenches

    A guy I knew told me that for really big bolts you tighten them as much as you possibly can - then another 1/2 turn.