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    That engine, with respect to a G5200 mower, is tuned at about 14hp. It runs a hydro trans through a propeller shaft and either a 44'' or 48'' deck from belt driven PTO. I have almost no experience with ZTR type mowers, but thinking the d600 might be underpowered.
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    Leaky Sprayer Tank

    Have successfully welded several plastic items with a Weller soldering gun with a broad flat tip. A zip tie works well as filler material.
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    Bumper for G5200H

    Brilliant idea! Maybe from a Craftsman mower?
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    LA302 Front End Loader... breakdown,cleanup,repair + reassemble (PIC'S)

    Looks like a fun project. I think you got a good deal. Just the fact you found one that isn't beat to pieces or half-ass repaired is a bonus. I agree, freezing water caused the bulges. There's an opening some where. Also interesting the ends of those two cylinders are very rusted. Makes me...
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    SOLD. Cub Cadet Zero Turn

    Sold today.
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    L4701 Regen twice in first 20 hrs?

    Absolutely, I agree with that assessment as well. I carry the belief that being in a more rural setting, heavily into farming crops, that the ORD is of a lower Bio content. Could be off-base with that thinking. But hey, ignorance is bliss at times!
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    L4701 Regen twice in first 20 hrs?

    Not to high-jack OP thread, but you ask a fair question. Supporting evidence....none really. That advice was given by a dealer that sells & maintains well built tractors. They been around a long time too, probably seen a lot of fuel related issues, and get a lot of related bulletins from...
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    L4701 Regen twice in first 20 hrs?

    Agreed, probably to early to say if an issue. Fuel quality is important. You running pump diesel from local truck stop or ORD? My dealer advised to stay away from pump diesel. Too much bio-crap in it. Clogs up DPF faster, making REGENS more frequent.
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    G 52l0 Throttle Lever Removal

    I think I'm 3rd owner of my mower, and to best of my knowledge it has not been modified. I can start the engine and NOT be in the seat, and I can dismount from the seat with engine running so long as PTO is not engaged. The moment I lift off seat with PTO on, RPMs start falling off...
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    G 52l0 Throttle Lever Removal

    Smokeless, good to hear you are it getting sorted out. Bruce, you are absolutely correct in that none of the electrical switches will kill the engine, and act as you describe. And bypassing would have minimal influence on operational safety, so long as one didn't attempt to start with PTO...
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    G 52l0 Throttle Lever Removal

    See if this helps. I remember seeing two switches in the schematic. Solenoid power goes thru both switches, but second switch might only be present if a gear drive (switch on clutch pedal). As you know, these must be closed for tractor to start. You are correct, the seat actuated cable kills...
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    G 52l0 Throttle Lever Removal

    Best bet is to remove battery and the two metal screens (directly under the steering wheel & one where PTO lever is). This will grant you access to most everything in the dash. Rather tight confines, but workable. As I recall, there are two safety interlock switches. One is on the PTO lever...
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    Dash Cam's

    Unfortunately they are a must have item in this age. I have a cheapie ($35) that has its issues, but has decent video quality and does the job. Biggest lessons I learned with the cheapie: I don't need a built-in screen for viewing, and be sure it doesn't use proprietary software for...
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    Multimeter Recommendation

    Any of the lower cost (<$100) units (Mastech, UNI-T, Amprobe, etc) are fine for general use. Auto-range vs manual select are a personal preference. Manual ones do tend to keep you focused more on what task you are performing. But figure on buying a good set of leads. Most of the budget...
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    L3301 Hydro Cruse Control

    Check out this thread. I posted a few replies with some pics & some thoughts.
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    L3301 Hydro Cruse Control

    Works in forward motion only. Set your RPMs, and ground speed can be controlled/set by lever. If only set part way (say half speed) you can override with pedal, when pedal is released it reverts back to setting. Tapping brake will instantly disengage. Here is scanned install manual.
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    L3301 Hydro Cruse Control

    Basically an assembly with collection of friction disc's, a control lever along with some safety interlocks to disengage when brakes are tapped. I use mine quite a bit when mowing. If your of average mechanical skills it's a pretty easy install, and no where near the 6 or 8 hrs the dealer will...
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    SOLD. Cub Cadet Zero Turn

    For anyone interested.... Cub Cadet Pro Z 100 commercial mower. 2018 model with 20hrs. A zero turn with conventional steering contol. Has 25hp Kohler fuel intected engine. In like new condition. Current model lists for $8500. Priced at $6500. Located in IL, near St. Louis. Send me a PM if...
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    59 Years Ago.....

    Congratulations! The Lord has blessed you. A milestone to be proud of......A tip of the hat and a raise of the glass to you both.
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    Daily Chuckle

    Retrieve clean underwear from glove box.