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    L2502 vs L3902

    To snowplow uphill after it ices you will need chains $$$ regardless of HP. Made my own chains from semi-truck chains, free and they work great.
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    L2502 vs L3902

    You will prob push snow going down hill, I live at 5500', and my Regens are very seldom and I just run the tractor while it does at a higher rpm, "Non issue".
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    Grapple for L3901 or substitute?

    Grapple=$4000, Debris/Brush forks from Titan =$400, not sure what they cost now. I needed a 3rd function.
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Yes, Debris Forks from Titan, much cheaper then Grapples.
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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Firewood preparation for winter, cut and split at home, 3 loads, about 6 cords. Love to keep lifting the wood by hand to a minimum.
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    Hey guys need some help. Got a good friend who makes his living with his 02 L48 backhoe. This past February broke left side rear axle.

    A picture of the broken part would help us identify a possible solution, as the last member stated there is a possibility of welding, and leave the broken part to be able to work again.
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    MX5100 will not start

    Load test the battery and be very careful you don't short it and burn up some electrical.
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    Expanding field, clearing stumps.

    You need another toy, a backhoe on a larger tractor.
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    L47 Backhoe - Hydraulic Line Replacement

    I looked at mine and your plan sounds good. Did you lay your boom down like the schematic? That would make feeding the line thru easier, no access from the bottom, also I would pull the old one out attached to a rope or wire to assist in pulling the new one thru. Please let me know how it...
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    Towing a 14' utility trailer for a hayride?

    Be safe, it will be memorable for all, till next year. :D
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    Trailer Brakes Getting Hot

    Take it slow and easy, maybe a little less trailer and more truck brake. I have my story of my motorhome in very slow stop and go freeway traffic, where they heated up so much that I lost them till I stopped and cooled them down.
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    Fried my ecm with battery change

    "Key in the off position", I'm going to tattoo that somewhere, so I don't forget when my time comes.
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    Which model would you choose?

    Go as big as you can, weight and HP is what does the work. I had a neighbor/contractor say I don't have a real tractor with my L-47, and partially he is correct in saying my smaller than his tractor can't keep up with his full size BH, I have owned a full size BH and sometimes miss it, but you...
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    Which model would you choose?

    I'm in Frazier Park where are you located? If your close, I can show you what works on my dirt.
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    Kubota M62 operator manual availability

    Page 91, Service interval chart says oil and filter every 400hrs, other places recommend 200hrs, oil is ready for a change at 200hrs.
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    Handling Oak Trees without a Grapple

    "Debris Forks" from Titan are my poor man's Grapples for firewood.
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    Raise your hand if you've ever hit your hand with a hatchet making kindling.....

    Got my left index finger caught in my 37-ton log splitter, told the Dr. to just cut it off but they happened to have a visiting hand surgeon who saved it. Sorry no pictures, takes a while for the nerves/feeling to come back.
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    B8200 Head Gasket Repair Question

    Make sure your test kit is for a Diesel engine.
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    BackHoe Cylinder Seal Kits? Are there any cheaper options??

    I used the shop to break the original/new cylinder nut because they are a pain if never opened. Then rebuilt them myself.