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    Marcellus natural gas leases

    I am 72 years old and on my 2ond year of ownership with a L3901, (replacing a 73 year old 8N that I have used for 34 years). I live on 38a in North Central PA,we built the house we live in and turned the very secluded property into a miniature state park with a pond, campsite and miles of...
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    Propane for Generac

    I am using a 100gal propane tank( filled to 80gal) for a 18 kw Generac.(works great, lost power for 6 hrs and hardly knew it) My delema is that my propane company will not let me have another tank because of my usage. Because of liability issues the propane company will only fill their tanks...
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    Sickle Bar on my BX

    Does it need a third function hydraulic line?
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    algae in fuel

    Which Mr. Funnel?
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    Can bacteria grow in diesel fuel? If so is there a treatment for it?
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    LA525 FEL problem

    LA525 FEL on a L3901, left bucket cylinder advances more than the right bucket cylinder. Pics show it clearly. I had just finished loading 6 buckets of light hay silage ( I use it for mulch in the garden) into a wagon and noticed one side of the bucket was not secure. Any help would be...
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    RTV1120 heater

    Looking for a heater for my cab on a new RTV 1120. I am looking at a 12V plug in dash mount 15 amp draw. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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    Diesel fuel treatment

    K100 or Power Service as diesel fuel treatment in cold weather?
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    selling advice

    12 volt conversion ( including 12 volt battery, starter, generator, coil, voltage regulator and new wires,all 12 volts were done in 1998) worked fine until last year.
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    selling advice

    Celebrating one year on my L3901, replacing the 34 years on my 1950 8N. The only other tractor I have owned. (Wow, what a difference!) The 8N needs to be split. It chews up starter bendix and deposits them in the bell housing. It is 12 volt and everything else worked fine. Any suggestions as to...
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    supply chain issue?

    I purchased a L3901 last year to replace my 1950 8N that I've owned for 34 years. Love the Kubota and decided to buy an RTV-X1120W for our 38 acres in North Central PA. from a local dealer last December. Still waiting for it! I checked with other dealers, and I am told "good luck finding one" I...
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    filters part numbers

    I am approaching a 50 hour maintenance on my new l3901HST. Where can I get part numbers for Kubota engine oil filter, fuel filter, and the two hydraulic filters? I don't see them in the owners manual. Thanks
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    3 pt lower link arms

    I lower my 5' Land Pride brush hog onto 4 pieces of 6' PVC cut to 6' length). It makes it easier to maneuver next time to mount it. Make sure the blades do not hit the PVC pieces when lowering .
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    Grille Guard for l3901

    Looking for a grille guard for a new l3901. With a L525 loader it would be Kubota part # L2258. I am seeing plenty of aftermarket guards (Lown performance, Hoober, 5 eleven designz) I can't find a picture of a OEM guard to compare with the aftermarket guards. Thanks for any help.
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    Kubota or aftermarket

    I am new to Kubota, have been using a 1950 Ford 8N for 34 years. I would like to purchase a brush guard and a telescopic sway kit for my new l3901. I see several aftermarket versions of each. Any advice Kubota vs aftermarket?
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    checking front axle oil level

    I did drain and measure it. I was going by the owners manual when I overfilled it. I wished it had said something about that it takes time for the fluid to migrate from the fill side to the check plug side of the axle. It is now at the proper level. Thanks all.
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    checking front axle oil level

    Yesterday I posted my front axle was 2-3 qts. low. I thought I would check the fluid level plug before trying to scrape some frozen snow this morning and found it to be 1 1/2 qts over. It is on level ground and I know the difference between the fluid level and fill plug. After running it this...
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    checking front axle oil level

    I am new to Kubota and was checking the fluid level on my new l3901 ( 20 hours) FWD front axle and found it to be 2-3 quarts low. ( capacity is 4.8 qts.) Was wondering if I might of done damage? I was using the FWD to plow snow. It is almost fun to go out and clear the 300' driveway. The check...
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    oil dipstick

    I am new to Kubota and have a new l3901. Having trouble pulling the engine oil dipstick out. I realize it is in a really tight spot and hard to get to but is there a trick or easier way to pull it out?