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  1. jyoutz

    MX6000 Cruise Control

    Wow, I have the same tractor and don’t understand how cruise control could automatically engage. It’s a simple mechanical lever that hold the HST pedal down depending on how far you move the lever. I’m wondering if your HST range lever is actually in a neutral setting and that’s why it won’t...
  2. jyoutz

    How did you mount your fire extinguisher?

    I bought this and strapped it to the ROPS. Been there over a year and it’s still gripping it tight.
  3. jyoutz

    L2502 vs L3902

    I live at 6,800 and will say that you definitely will experience HP loss due to elevation. Whether that’s enough to affect your intended uses I can’t say. Before purchasing my 60hp tractor with turbo, I had a 25 hp tractor and found it to be limiting for deep snow removal with a blade. Part of...
  4. jyoutz

    DIY Maintenance

    Also get a work shop manual and download the Kubota application software.
  5. jyoutz

    Drilling a LA525 loader frame

    Stainless steel zip ties
  6. jyoutz

    SSQA compatibility

    JD has a proprietary quick attach, not SSQA
  7. jyoutz

    Using QA pallet forks on 3PT

    Please post a link to those. They sound interesting.
  8. jyoutz

    Real id

    In my state, it’s just part of renewing your drivers license and there’s a little symbol in the corner of the license to indicate real ID. No extra charge. You do have to bring additional ID such as birth certificate to renew your license.
  9. jyoutz

    BX 2680 with no Loader, but has mounts, hydraulics, and stick installed. Where to find Loader?

    Try to find a used loader in the series that works on your tractor. Scarce to non-existent. People sell tractors and loaders together.
  10. jyoutz

    Adding FUEL to the MX6000 makes me cuss

    Fueling my MX6000 (with diesel fuel) is a breeze. I use this caddy with the hand pump. Stand on floor, put the hose in the fuel tank and hand crank till full. If there’s any fuel left in the line, the hand crank works in reverse to drain the line back into the caddy. Of course I use a Mr Funnel...
  11. jyoutz

    Tractor advice for 40+ acers

    I’m sure that there will be a lot of BX owners take issue with my comment, but I really think it’s too light for your purposes. And too low to the ground for trails unless you’re sure they don’t have stick ups or brush. The HST fan is vulnerable to breaking if you run over anything. And it’s...
  12. jyoutz

    Expanding field, clearing stumps.

    For stumps, rent a mini-excavator. Don’t put wood chips in a garden. It will lock up all the nitrogen and your soil won’t be good to grow anything until the chips completely decompose.
  13. jyoutz

    Tractor advice for 40+ acers

    In this price range, the best option is an older ag utility tractor. And I wouldn’t recommend a sub compact for the size of your land and doing stump removal. It takes a heavy tractor for those chores, even if the stumps are rotten. And no doubt you will find many more uses than what you...
  14. jyoutz

    Bottom of my bucket has no paint

    Back dragging isn’t necessarily the best way to smooth a driveway and it can also damage your bucket cylinder. Get a rear blade and spin the moldboard around backwards, float the 3ph and drive forward. It’s easier to go, works better, and won’t damage anything.
  15. jyoutz

    Back in the Day

    I bought that exact same truck new. Except it did have power steering.
  16. jyoutz

    Back in the Day

    And an engine that needed tuneups every 15k miles, and an overhaul at 100k.
  17. jyoutz

    Propane cost

    I’d be looking for another supplier.
  18. jyoutz

    How government Works

    Medical insurance for federal employees isn’t provided for life. Employees and retirees have to select their plan annually at open enrollment and pay for it monthly as a deduction from their paycheck. I pay about $400 every 2 weeks. The federal retirement pension today is nothing like the old...
  19. jyoutz

    How government Works

    That’s no different than any private sector corporate employee.