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    Trailering your tractor

    I tried running my B2650 with a blade and FEL on a 5 x 10 and I'll never attempt that again. My other option is a steel decked dual axle trailer with dual axle brakes. Sure it takes more to get it out and up and loaded, but I like the piece of mind.
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    Help! I want to buy a 3rd function kit for my BX 2370

    I did a similar thing with my '14 B2650. Since I am not familiar with tractors or its hydraulics, I just brought my pocketbook. I had my local dealer install my 3rd function kit, returned all my removed components. Took about a day and I was out around 900 bucks, perhaps consider that.
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    B2650 Box Blade

    My dealer sold me a 4' box blade and I would have preferred a 60" I have a B2650 too.
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    Land Pride grapple

    I looked at both and wound up with the everything attachments grapple. Love it. I use it on a B2650
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    Rotary Cutter

    Also another reason for the pivots is so the blades can bounce off something too big to cut. Lets it keep spinning instead of jamming like a push mower would. Ever hit a stump with a push mower? Imagine that X 50.
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    B2650 issue while idling

    Mine does the same. As stated before, try getting in and out of the tractor without touching the steering wheel.
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    Box Blade or Scrape Blade?

    Go box and may I recommend that weight is your friend. with a BX maybe a 4' but possibly a 5' box. I wish my B2650 would have come with a 5' box. I have a 54" bucket but a 4' box.
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    Lightweight Pallet Forks Advice Needed.

    I bought my B2650 with the QR forks and it weighs less than my bucket. I think my tractor has the same FEL as the OP and on my tractor I run out of ballast before I run out of FEL power.
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    4wd trick

    On my B2650 what I do is start going forward slowly and as I start to lift off the HST pedal, slip it right into 4WD. Works like a charm. To get out of 4WD just repeat the step.
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    Adding front weight - ideas please!

    Concrete weighs around 150 lbs per cubic foot where steel is more like 490 lbs per cubic foot. Pick your poison.
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    BX or B?

    I'm going to steal a comment from another thread. You never hear someone say they wish they bought a smaller tractor. I have a B2650 and its a beast. I added the 3rd function valve and a grapple. Look closely at the front loader capacities, 3 point lift capability etc. Also a big one for me...
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    advise on bush hog

    I have a B2650 and bought a 4' bush hog with a slip clutch. I think I could easily have run a 5'. I have a 26 hp engine.
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    Kubota B2650 Purchase

    Congrats! I wish I had the backhoe... Did you get the quick release bucket? One of my best investments.
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    Buying a Tractor

    QA is great. I love mine.
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    How Much Difference

    I agree with Drab where you probably won't get much discount. I have a '14 and love the quick detach bucket. Depends on whether or not you are going to put implements up front. I have the bucket, fork lift forks, and a grapple. Love the ability to change in seconds.
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    L2501 or B2650?

    I bought a 2650 but the 2501 was not available. Wasn't aware the L was 2WD. I've had times where 2wd didn't cut it, I even had to lock the rear and 4wd to move a few times where i was doing things. If I was just towing stuff where traction wasn't an issue I would be tempted for the heavier...
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    B2650, B3350 Fuel level

    I know that as soon as my B2650 goes from 2 bars to 1 bar is when I shut her down and pour a 5 gallon can of fuel in there. Gets me up to all bars. Takes a whole 5 gallons.
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    New B2650 steering

    I agree with the other posters. Put some counter weight on the back. A box scraper could help but not everyone has a good heavy one. Weight out back will unload the front axle and then the steering will lighten up. Also don't forget to check your PS fluid.
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    Got tipsy today!

    Gets scary quick! Glad you're OK.
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    Overall length of a B2650 with 54"bucket

    You are gonna love it...