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    ROPES adjustment

    I have been using mine with it partially folded since the day I bought it. No big deal. I wouldn't potentially devalue the tractor altering it. You also risk being sued if the next owner gets hurt due to your alteration.
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    Expanding field, clearing stumps.

    See if you can hire it out. Thats a lot to ask of a sub-compact tractor. Good luck, sounds like a great new chapter in life.
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    B2601 blowing smoke

    If it is covered by a warranty I would limit my involvement lest you cause more harm than good and perhaps void the warranty. Call the dealer.
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    Sealing concrete leak?

    Make sure your gutters and downspouts are functioning properly. The best way is to go outside during a torrential rain and observe. In the northern climates the downspouts can freeze solid and rupture the seam on the back of the downspout pipe thereafter making it a potential problem. It took a...
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    Towing a 14' utility trailer for a hayride?

    The is a LOT of potential liability in that sort of thing. I love the idea and my younger self would have wholeheartedly approved. Now that I am older , have more to lose, have more responsibility , and know some lawyers I would not consider it. Risk/reward. No brainer for me.
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    B2601 Hydraulic Oil

    sorry for the delayed response. I had a metal hydraulic line break and lost some fluid about a month ago. Its hard to get an accurate reading on the dipstick. I put some of my expensive Steiner hydraulic fluid into it and its working well now. The loader was not providing enough toward force to...
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    B2601 Hydraulic Oil

    Hello everyone I know this subject has been covered but I cant seem to find anything with the search function. My tractor is low on hydraulic oil and is not functioning properly. Its Saturday and my dealer is closed. I was hoping someone could steer me toward a suitable replacement available...
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    Front Winch...

    Masterfull fabrication and installation. I wish I could make things like that. Very nice job!
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    BX2680 mower deck vs. rear finish mower

    The MMM are more expensive when purchased new. Selling the brand specific MMM might be more difficult and may not net a decent enough price. If you resell the tractor having the MMM would potentially make it more attractive also. Good luck.
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    Kubota L3240 tire help please

    call Messicks. If they cant help you nobody can. Good luck.
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    Howdy from Cheyenne Wyoming

    I agree with all of the comments here. Too much money for too old a unit with the wrong tires and no quick attach bucket. I am not sure if Kubota is offering cheap financing but that is also worth considering when looking at (new )tractors. I purchased a new B2601 because the used were...
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    What is purpose of rubber "duckbill"

    Neill from Messicks referenced this in one of his YouTube performances. Squeeze and jiggle out any large pieces that may have come into the intake but were not captured by the filter.
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    Plastic fell into transmission case

    I had a 2 inch long piece of plastic hose fall into the gearbox oil hole on my rotary cutter maybe 2 years ago. When I was younger I would have commenced disassembly immediately. I left it in there and so far there have been no problems.
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    Mid Mount Mower availability

    Have you tried calling other Kubota dealers like Messicks and see if they have one? Dealers will sometimes work things out amongst themselves (trade) to accommodate customers needs. My b2601 purchased from a dealer near Pittsburgh has a plastic band on the loader indicating it came from the...
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    L2501 brakes

    No big deal.
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    Ford Bronco questions

    The Bronco is great looking for sure but if you check out what's being driven in harsh conditions globally there is not a Bronco in sight. Pretty much all Toyotas. That should tell you something. I have a 2 year old F150. Its very light and has poor traction. It also has a wonky 10 speed...
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    L4701 vs L4060 Purchase for Hill Country

    The HST is a delight to operate. I will never purchase another tractor without it. If your wife (or husband) or children ,if you have them, are inclined to operate it I feel the HST is easier and possibly safer as well. I have 100 hours today on my B2601 HST purchased new about 2 years ago...