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  1. Kennyd4110

    QA Adapter Plate Query

    You should have a standard SSQA setup on your machine, there is not a smaller on used on smaller tractors.
  2. Kennyd4110

    Bx22 has no functions other than forward and reverse

    Yeah where is Paul Harvey when we need him!
  3. Kennyd4110

    Hydraulic fluid leaking from dipstick: L4701

    Similar thread here: Seems there is a batch of vent tubes with no holes!
  4. Kennyd4110

    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

  5. Kennyd4110

    Kubotas to avoid

    As mentioned above, the xx50 series had lots of emissions issues. Avoid them even if its great deal.
  6. Kennyd4110

    Valve spool retaining bolt

    I guess I'm not understanding how the dealership is disclaiming responsibility? Did you leave it at the dealership after finding the issue? I'd be talking to the owner, and demand to talk to a regional Kubota rep and a maybe even a lawyer.
  7. Kennyd4110

    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Thanks @K7G
  8. Kennyd4110

    stationary base for portable band saw

    SWAG makes some really cool stuff!
  9. Kennyd4110

    Valve spool retaining bolt

    Mechanic worked on it, now part are lost? Seems simple to me, they are responsible.
  10. Kennyd4110

    Leaking LP grapple

    My WAG is one of those fittings is a bit loose.
  11. Kennyd4110

    Working with fluid filled rear tires

    I just had the wheels off of my JD 3720 last weekend. I even tried weighing them as they are filled with windshield washer fluid, my one portable shipping scale has a 400 pound capacity, and it errored out so they are more than 400lbs for certain. The 'trick" is to never let them fall over, and...
  12. Kennyd4110

    Mounting new LED lights on B2650HSD

    Yes, there is a threaded hole on each of the four sides.
  13. Kennyd4110

    Quick coupler

    Most people call them "single point hydraulic couplers" or SPHC for short, or the brand name "Multifaster" couplers. Faster makes them in many configurations: They are very expensive! I just sold two of the 2-ports ones to a customer, these where...
  14. Kennyd4110

    BX 2680 with no Loader, but has mounts, hydraulics, and stick installed. Where to find Loader?

    Is this local? Have you looked at it in person? Not to be a negative Nancy, but it sounds like a possible scam to me.
  15. Kennyd4110

    B26TLB three point hookup hardware

    Wow, how shortsighted he is!
  16. Kennyd4110

    Changing coupler on implement (thread sealant question)
  17. Kennyd4110

    New Flail Mower coming today

    Awesome! I've been lusting after the same model for a long time. My MX9900 chipper from them has bee fantastic!
  18. Kennyd4110

    Important Safety Message...Check your (lug) nuts

    Friends don't let friends buy trailers from TSC 😂
  19. Kennyd4110

    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Neck hurting? 😂
  20. Kennyd4110

    Top and tilt shuddering..

    Yeah, but no JIC ones-only NPT...I'd love to find a good source for them too.