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  1. Pburchett

    MX5200HST, Implements & Trailer

    What price should I list this for? I have a MX5200HST I purchases new in 2015. It has 650 hours. Some of the specifics is as follows: round back heavy duty bucket with cutting edge, Pallet forks (48" 4200lbs), Line X floor, 6 foot medium duty Tennessee River implement bush hog and a 6 foot...
  2. Pburchett

    MX5400 first regen

    Man that is some nasty looking fluid. At 400 hours the fluid out of my MX 5200 looked almost new.
  3. Pburchett

    MX5400 first regen

    My MX 5200 regens about every 20 hours no matter how I use it. I feel as if it is programed to do that.
  4. Pburchett

    KTAC vs Erie Tractor Insurance

    Sorry That was $321 per year. I fixed it.
  5. Pburchett

    KTAC vs Erie Tractor Insurance

    Here is what I have found: Erie Insurance on the homeowners police $110 a year. Does not cover as much as KTAC. KTAC $670 a year. $15.31 per $1000 value of loader & $22.50 per $1000 value of tractor. Underwritten by Ohio Indemnity Company. Now the new stuff: CNH Physical damage...
  6. Pburchett

    KTAC vs Erie Tractor Insurance

    With my last payment on the tractor coming up soon I was looking at continuing insurance coverage. I was comparing KTAC and Erie insurance for tractor coverage. My 2016 Kubota MX5200HST is valued at $29,650 according to KTAC. The KTAC policy will cost $670 per year and the Erie policy is $110...
  7. Pburchett

    Operator Deck Mat v Linex

    I used masking tape to get the clean edges. I pulled it off before it was completely dry. My boots were marking up the fenders of I put the herculiner on it also.
  8. Pburchett

    Operator Deck Mat v Linex

    Try the Herculiner. A quart from Lowes will do it. I think it is about $25 a quart of $55 a gallon. Line-X wanted $350 if I brought my panels in to them. The photo was at 50 hours. I have 600 hours on it now and it looks the same. Our dirt here is mostly sand so it eats everything up...
  9. Pburchett

    L4701 or MX5200 - Stuck on Decision

    Same here! I went with the MX 5200 HST 4x4 It felt more stable on uneven ground. I use the implements from my Ford 640 without issue. I just had to get the Cat 1 to Cat 2 sleeves for the implements. I do trailer mine once or twice a year so I got a bigger trailer as I had a 7000 pound...
  10. Pburchett

    M series floor mat/coating

    Search for Herculiner floor protection on here should be some photos on my post. With 480 hours in nothing but sand the herculiner is still holding up great.
  11. Pburchett

    Trailer Length/Capacity MX5200

    I have the same tractor as you. I has a 18 foot trailer but it was too small. You will need a 22 foot minimum trailer. 24 foot will be better for placement of the tractor on the trailer to distribute the weight to where it needs to be. You will also need one with two 7000 lb axles for a...
  12. Pburchett

    My Local Dealer Is A Challenge

    Sounds to me as if the dealership has a bunch of employees that don't care. They are probably there for just the paycheck or all they can milk the company out of before they move on. Typical workers for today's culture.
  13. Pburchett

    Dual axle trailer brakes question. Do I need trailer brakes?

    Put the brakes on the trailer. Get a controller off ebay at a later date. It does not have to be a fancy one. You will not be sorry. I travel the hills of KY with my tractor and the brakes make a great difference.
  14. Pburchett

    2016 MX5200 Dual Fuel Filters?

    I think that is for the fuel filter assembly (housing and all the junk that makes up the mounting plate and stuff like that). I think the fuel filter is about $20. Check colemans or get one at the parts store. If it cost that much mine will get an aftermarket filter when I get to 400 hrs.
  15. Pburchett

    Is This A Legal Discussion Here?

    Boy....that is a tough one. The best thing is to go to the dealership of all tractors you are interested in and test drive them. The biggest decision is if you need manual or hydrostatic. Loader work and lots of direction change you might consider hydro. Field work, plowing or mowing...
  16. Pburchett

    Seat spring upgrade

    It was a compression spring pack I picked up at the spring display board. I threw the package away months ago. When I look online it appears the be sku number 353420299. I had to bend the last coil on the springs together a little with vise grips to get the mounting bolt to hold the...
  17. Pburchett

    Looking to replace 641 Ford with Kubota

    You will have to get a L3901 or a L4901. The L3901 has the same rated Hp but it weighs less so it will do less with ground engaging equipment. The L4901 weighs almost the same but has a few more Hp, but not much. Now is old Hp and new Hp the same??? I don't think so. If you want a...
  18. Pburchett

    Herculiner floor protection

    At 50 hours my mx5200's floor looked like crap. Bought some Herculiner at lowes for $55 . LineX wanted $450 for this. Did 2 coats on the vertical portions and 4 on the floor. Herculiner will not crack if it is applied to a thickness less than 1/4 inch, so I put a good amount on the floor...
  19. Pburchett

    Seat spring upgrade

    I upgraded my mx5200 seat springs with these from tractor supply. Does not bottom out now and rides much better. Thought this might help someone.
  20. Pburchett


    I live in such a place (hills) that if I do not use 4x4 all of the time I am stuck. Might be harder on the driveline versus 2 wheel drive but better than pushing. Just don't drive it on pavement in 4x4 as it will bind up and break something. The wheels have to have some slippage such as...