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  1. mike0000

    Expanding field, clearing stumps.

    Congrats on the selling of your business and your move And thanks for your service! I‘ve been fighting a similar battle, slowly clearing some of my land. I’ve come to the realization that I will eventually need to hire/rent a backhoe for my largest stumps. I have a bit larger tractor, for...
  2. mike0000

    Propane cost

    Just paid $1.69 a gallon here, last year $2.19, both were price before early pay discount. We own our tank, and only fill once a year under the “Summer Fill” (best rat period) our supplier offers. Mike
  3. mike0000

    It's Propane Time....

    Mine was filled yesterday, 8-30-23, $1.69 a gallon before the discount if I pay within 10 days, check went out today. I own my tank, and had signed up for the “summer fill” rate (no extra charge). I only needed 205 gallons to get me to 80%. We burn wood as our main heat source and last winter...
  4. mike0000

    Dryer cleaning. PSA

    Helped my daughter move into a house this weekend, it’s furnished with a dryer. We pulled the lint screen, unbelievably clogged up, I don’t believe the previous renters ever cleaned it. I cleaned the hose and exterior vent, now I wish I had opened the dryer to do a inside cleaning. Mike
  5. mike0000

    Do you all remember your first concert

    Van Halen, 1984, I was 14, one of my buddies and I were dropped off and picked up by his mom. Mike
  6. mike0000

    Here we go....

    Amazing, but a bit unsettling too. I think my wife would tell me she’s leaving but that I was welcome to go with her 😆 Mike
  7. mike0000

    Roll Call

  8. mike0000

    Having fun pulling stumps with Backhoe and ripper tooth...

    Nice work, I’m slowly clearing an area on my property for a future shop build. I’m eventually going to need several large stumps removed, wishing I had a backhoe. Mike
  9. mike0000

    In-ground Pool Utilities

    Sounds Pretty well thought out, we have had two above ground pools and 8 years ago installed an in ground pool. I may have missed it but are you going salt water? It’s the only way to go In my opinion. Once I open my pool and get it balanced I rarely have to do anything other than dropping in...
  10. mike0000

    Propane Tank install with MX5400

    The night after my underground tank was Installed rained very hard. The next morning, tank looked like a submarine breaching the ocean. Second install was Filled w/Propane the same day. Mike
  11. mike0000

    What does the sticker on your vehicle say about you or what people may think about you

    IAFF until I retired on all vehicles. Nothing these days. Mike
  12. mike0000

    Recovered B8200 - Found abandoned

    That’s a good point, water will separate from the oil and typically settle to the bottom over time.
  13. mike0000

    Recovered B8200 - Found abandoned

    I think addressing the fuel system first would be advised. If the tank isn’t too difficult to remove I’d pull It, empty and clean. I’d replace fuel filter too (fill the new one with diesel and install if possible). You will need a good battery and possibly a jump pack, it’s probably going to...
  14. mike0000

    Recovered B8200 - Found abandoned

    I agree with not removing the injectors ( my suggestion to remove was only if a cylinder lubricant was added). Mike
  15. mike0000

    Recovered B8200 - Found abandoned

    Have you checked the oil for water? Since it’s turning over easily with a breaker bar, I’d be inclined to move forward with attempting to start it. If you add any type of lubricant to the cylinders just be sure to spin the motor over without the injectors to clear them out, you don’t want a...
  16. mike0000

    Barn Build

    I haven’t either, I want it! Mike
  17. mike0000

    Where do you keep your small money?

    I like the saying “If you fail to plan you planned to fail” Very important rule towards investing so you won‘t “Have” to work for the rest of your life. Mike
  18. mike0000

    Anyone build a 'replica' Cobra?

    I built my Factory Five in 1999, started as a basic build, w/parts from a wrecked Fox body Mustang. I converted to carb. 302, 5sp. Ford B303 cam, lots of fun. I really enjoyed building it, I did everything including body and single stage paint. Since original build it’s been though numerous...
  19. mike0000

    Barn Build

    Year 7 for me (Retirement), I tell everyone I don’t get a vacation or any days off now. Mike
  20. mike0000

    Where do you keep your small money?

    . That’s an impressive rate, these days Mike