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    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    I ran into the same thing this week, but on the clutch Z-bar for my Nova. I'm changing the linkage to Heim joints from bent rods and cotter pins. I drilled the clutch pedal arm out no problem, but the Z-bar was harder than Kelsey's nuts. A 3/8" cobalt bit wouldn't do much more than knock off the...
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    Daily Chuckle

    Not necessarily true.
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    BX Deck maintenance

    I can grease all the zerks on my 60" deck fairly easily, the spindles, idler pulley and guage wheels, but not the drive shaft for the deck and the rear pivot joint. Those are buggers to get to, and have to use a regular coupler as the lock-n-lube is to big in diameter to get into the zerks...
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    Pickups with sliding rear window and fiberglass cap

    I've got a Leer cap on my '06 F150, and although I rarely use the sliding rear window, the times I did open it, it vented just fine. The fun part is washing the window and the cap window, you have to remove the cap window to get to the truck window. I've only done it a couple of times, as it...
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    Back in the Day

    Speaking of back in he day...
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    Front pin by the bucket of LA211 Loader

    Are the pins frozen in the bucket bosses or the loader arm?
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    BX1880 and my guess is that I’ve gotten air in the fuel line.

    Once fuel gels, it has to be heated up to around 150° to get disolved back into the fuel. RCW is right, Diesle 911 will disolve the parafin back into the fuel.
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    Daily Chuckle

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    Off the Orange for a while

    Hope your surgery goes well and have as good of an outcome as I have had. Six months post-op and no complaints so far. Just follow the docs orders as to activities and don't fail to do all the therapy exercises prescribed, it's important.
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    Photo shoot anything lately? Random Photo Thread

    Found a couple of Monarch caterpillars on the milkweed we planted this spring. Have seen a couple of Monarchs flying around them, and apparently they laid some eggs. I've seen more of them this year that for the last 15 years or so.
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    So, who are the potheads out there?

    Like the coke monkey son of a previous "big guy"?
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    So, who are the potheads out there?

    I drank a little in my 20s and 30s, but woke up one day and decided paying money to feel that shitty the next day was really stupid. Probably haven't had a dozen drinks since then, never more than one at a time. I never felt the urge to use pot or any other drugs, always had better things to do...
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    Are these the Gator Blades to get?

    I put #396-612 blades on my RCK60 on my BX2230. They have a 7/8" hole, the ones you posted have an 1 1/8" hole. I that what your blades have?
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    JD 54" blade on my BX2230

    Fortunately the blade is yellow! ;)
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    So you want to irritate your neighbors

    Hogs, get lots of hogs. Get lots of those feeders with the doors that slam shut when the hog pull it's head out. Make sure the lot is nice and wet too.
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    JD 54" blade on my BX2230

    Yes they are. I had tie downs bolted on the frame before, so I just added a couple to the mount.
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    JD 54" blade on my BX2230

    Well, I debated having it painted or powder coated Kubota orange, but all the paint except some on the front of the blade is like brand new, so it wouldn't improve the appearance. It's only been used three times on the JD, once to level a truckload of gravel and twice to plow snow. Pushing more...
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    Mower Deck Bogs Down

    Amazing what a difference a couple of o-rings can make, huh?
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    JD 54" blade on my BX2230

    Thanks. I only made one mount, in the 4th picture, the JD mount for the 430 is in the background. I also added the mounts for the brush guard after that picture was taken. I made the mount about 1/8" wider than the BX frame so it would slide over it easily, but clamp fast when the bolts were...
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    Mower Deck Bogs Down

    My local dealer here in northern Indiana has a lot full of equipment, I counted 9 BX models when I was there last week.