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  1. Anvil HB

    New house/driveway. Boxblade vs landplane?

    And then it happened....... Thank you.
  2. Anvil HB

    No support

    I have an (2005) B2630 and a (2020) LX2610. Both came from the Ocala dealer. The B2630 will stall and put out the gray smoke ect. The issue on this unit is the Gray hard plastic tube that comes out of the air filter housing. You have a new tractor give or take a few months and low hours. My...
  3. Anvil HB

    Home made ballast weight

    Very nice Fab work. The use of some U-channel edge trim, and the chain tubes and your fit and finish are are Great Features. If you do remove the gravel and go with concrete, you could add some Roll on bed liner to help slow any rust issue over time.
  4. Anvil HB

    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    I had to move Stone Hinge to a different location until ( She ) can figure out it's final resting place...
  5. Anvil HB

    Show me your cup holders

    This is on my LX2610..
  6. Anvil HB

    Lx 2610 comparisons

    I Have a 2005 B2650 that has the 60" MM Mower, and I mow just over 3ac. ...It has been and still is a great mower. You can pin the mower deck up ( 2 pins ) and use just the 3 PT as needed.. We did not get the FEL with this unit, Some one said ( She ) we will not need it. Things change and ( She...
  7. Anvil HB

    A Better Front Brush Guard Please!

    Nice video.... and a very nice fab job....
  8. Anvil HB

    I needed a little more room ( 9" )

    I have had this receiver for some time... I have moved it 100 times in the shop, it was just under 11" be for I cut it..... My 2017 F-350 has an insert that can be removed when needed...
  9. Anvil HB

    I needed a little more room ( 9" )

    Yes it is, I have a 252 also, this is my 2ed 211.
  10. Anvil HB

    I needed a little more room ( 9" )

    I gained 9" from the shop door with this little fab job. I will at some point move my welding table's around.
  11. Anvil HB

    Photo shoot anything lately? Random Photo Thread

    Dinner with these gang members that are in our hood. Two times a day. Down here in Ocala Fl.
  12. Anvil HB

    Third function install on a LX2610 with a backhoe

    Very nice and clean install.
  13. Anvil HB

    B2601 seat question

    I have a 2005 B2630 and the seat would let you slid down... I had put a few shims on it just to get the some what comfee..... We have had a New LX2610 for two months and the seat on it is Great....