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    Post a picture of your Kubota Front Mount Snowblower, please.

    We still haven't heard back from the original poster as to what blower problems he was investigating... Please DO tell.
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    Post a picture of your Kubota Front Mount Snowblower, please.

    Please elaborate on the "issues" which you are investigating. I'm most curious to see what these might be, especially since my Kubota blowers have all been pretty terrific machines. I say that with a caveat as I now have a leaking seal on my B2781A. Of course I've had to replace bearings on...
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    Post a picture of your Kubota Front Mount Snowblower, please.

    And another one, this time the B2781A. Sorry, it's not the "full frontal" pic you're looking for but I hope it's helpful. I tend to spend all my time behind the blowers rather than standing in front of them!
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    Post a picture of your Kubota Front Mount Snowblower, please.

    Another in the fleet... B2770 This one came to me with a hand crank chute rotator; I modified it to accept a 12V winch so it would be electrically operable from the tractor cab - this is visible as the black lump on the left side of the blower in the second photo.
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    Replacing front tire - need to do the pair?

    One can just jack up the front of the tractor (use the FEL for this purpose if so equipped) and use a tape measure to measure the rolling circumference of the tire. The measurements of left and right tires should be fairly equal. I've had to do this when matching an older tire (no longer...
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    Snowblower chain adjustment

    Just be aware that Kubota uses O-ring-sealed chains on these speed reduction units. Those chains are brutally expensive. My dealer suggested that I switch to generic roller chain, stating it would not last nearly as long as the Kubota part, but would cost 1/10th the price of the Kubota part...
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    B2410 HST Fill Plug... Why Did It Depart?

    New plug and o-ring are on order with the local dealer. No ETA yet... In the meantime a thorough inspection of the ?-shaped vent tube will take place. Isn't it amazing the places insects find to build their nests? In the airplane world mud daubers are famous for filling fuel tank vents...
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    B2410 HST Fill Plug... Why Did It Depart?

    Many thanks for the excellent help, folks! NIW - the rubber o-ring gasket may have disappeared and that may have been the original root cause. No matter, the whole thing is gone now. Whitetiger - thanks for the parts list, that's very helpful. Yup, I'll double-check the J-hook vent line as...
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    B2410 HST Fill Plug... Why Did It Depart?

    OK, folks, I'm the guy who always talks about how my Kubota B-series tractors work their hearts out and are more reliable than rain in the rainforest. Well, today I received a bit of a surprise. I've been using my B2410 for snowblowing using the front-mounted B2550C blower. There's a fair...
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    B2410 / B7510 Front Quick Hitch Compatibility

    Thank you for confirming! I was reasonably certain, but not absolutely certain. Now it's time to go spend some more money... Where is this quick hitch application guide located? I hate to keep asking folks for information if there is some way I can look it up myself. Thanks again NIW - you...
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    B2410 / B7510 Front Quick Hitch Compatibility

    This would seem like a simple question but for the life of me I can't seem to find a master list of which front mount quick hitch mates with which tractor model. I have B2410 and B7510 tractors and need to know which front-mount quick hitches fit these tractors. I have a B2733A quick hitch on...
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    Work secrets not passed down

    It was three years, one hour and twenty-seven minutes ago that I retired. Today my wife and I spent some time talking about what we missed about work. For me it was simple. I miss the paycheque. And NOTHING else. My employer had been purchased by an American firm and that began the race to...
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    Pros and cons of snow removal options

    I recently replaced a homebuilt scraper blade with a Landpride BB1254. This is now the third box blade in my fleet. One box blade is a 60" Bush Hog unit while the other is a 48" Agri-Trend unit. The 48" box blade is the heaviest by far - it features thicker steel everywhere. The Bush Hog...
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    B2550B snowblower attachment

    Dan - if you look at my avatar you'll see that's a B2550 on the front of my B2410 tractor. It's a good blower. Not a heavy-duty blower, but a darned good blower nonetheless. The last one I saw sold for $2500 if I'm not mistaken. For somebody looking to put a front mount blower on their...
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    Snow tires

    My newest B7510 came to me wearing R1's. They proved to be only slightly better than useless in the snow. That same tractor with turf tires is totally transformed. All three of my B-series tractors are on turf tires and I'm not likely to change them any time soon. That having been said, my...
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    Snowblower mod

    All of my Kubota blowers feature fans which run reasonably tight to the fan housing. I don't think there's a lot of extra performance to be had by adding a rubber seal to the fan blades on these blowers. I can't say the same for some of the older 3pth blowers I've owned in the past - many of...
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    Pros and cons of snow removal options

    What an interesting discussion! My go-to equipment is a B-series tractor, a front-mount blower, and a box scraper. Why? As Torch suggested, the front mount blower provides the very best solution for moving snow, save for its cost and maintenance requirements. The box scraper behind the...
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    Snowblower chute idiot bars…

    I have four Kubota blowers and NONE of them have the idiot bars. First blower had them and clogged when the snow was wet. None of my next three blowers were even mounted to the tractor before the idiot bars were removed!
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    Older Curtis cab parts

    I have the same cab on my B7510 so this discussion is of great interest to me. Having restored another cab in the past few years, I know that I had no difficulty in getting excellent auto glass custom cut for the cab. I suspect I could get glass made to replace the plastic windows, or just cut...