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  1. Roadworthy

    L2502 vs L3902

    I mow and manage to do everything else with my L2501 including snow removal. I'm only at about 500 feet, though. I got the L2501 due to its simplicity - no computer, no DPF, hence less to go wrong. Get a ballast box or load the tires and it should do fine. As far as pulling the box blade it...
  2. Roadworthy

    BX2350 won't start and I'm at a loss

    It does sound like your battery won't carry the load. Monitor the battery voltage when somebody attempts a start. If it stays near 12.6 thoroughly clean and tighten cables. Don't forget the ground cable at the frame. If the voltage drops below 11 or so it's probably time for a new battery.
  3. Roadworthy

    All you smart AI guys, hams or anybody else

    I suspect the unit is defective if you can't turn it off. Have your granddaughter arrange an exchange
  4. Roadworthy

    BX23S Starter engaging while running

    The basic starter circuit is pretty simple. If all the safeties are satisfied when you turn the key the starter engages. Normally when you're running all these are not satisfied so turning the key shouldn't activate the starter. The key switch energizes a solenoid (a really heavy relay) which...
  5. Roadworthy

    Glow plugs

    Shoot a line to NGK. They can advise on the correct glow plug for your tractor and probably sell them for far less than Kubota who doesn't manufacture them anyhow.
  6. Roadworthy


    Check the battery voltage when you try to engage the starter. It should be above ten volts. If it is then clean and tighten battery cables. Follow ground cable to frame, clean and tighten there, too. From there we can start troubleshooting.
  7. Roadworthy

    BX2350 white smoke on start up

    The head gasket would be a good starting point. It is probably not related to your coolant recovery problem. For that one I'd check the line between the radiator and recovery tank first and insure it's not leaking. Be sure the recovery tank itself has no cracks and the lid seals tightly.
  8. Roadworthy

    L3600 not charging

    Start by charging your battery with the charger then have it load tested. If your charger can't put on an adequate charge your tractor won't charge it either.
  9. Roadworthy

    L3600 will not even turn over

    Remove cables from the battery. Clean battery terminals and cable connectors well. Inspect cables for corrosion near the connectors. If corroded replace. Put cables back on battery and tighten securely. If you can move them they're not tight. Follow ground to frame. Clean and tighten...
  10. Roadworthy

    Front Loader LA724 Boom Cylinder Rebuild

    Remove the cylinder and take it to a local hydraulic shop. They'll probably do the job for only slightly more than it would cost for Kubota seals.
  11. Roadworthy

    ZD323 Electrical Issue

    A short to ground would drain your battery pretty quickly and/or blow fuses. Is the 2-3 volts at the fuses on the input side or the output side? If it's the input side you're probably losing power due to bad connections. Check voltages in and out of the ignition switch. Find our how the fuse...
  12. Roadworthy

    L3901 Mid mount PTO ???

    You could consider an external hydraulic pump on the rear PTO to run a hydraulic blower on the front.
  13. Roadworthy

    Starting issues B2400

    This is where your voltmeter comes in handy. If battery terminals are clean and tight and the ground connection is, too, monitor voltage at the battery while someone attempts a start. It should drop no lower than ten. Check to see if you've got proper voltage to your add on relay when the...
  14. Roadworthy

    Kubota L2950 won't start

    Charge the battery then have it load tested. Clean battery terminals and connectors, put back together then tighten securely. If you can move the connector it's too loose. Follow ground lead to frame. Clean and tighten. This is the starting point for troubleshooting.
  15. Roadworthy


    While cleaning cable connectors and battery terminals inspect connection to cable. If corroded it may need replaced. Do not overlook the frame ground connection point. After replacing connectors on battery terminals tighten securely. If you can move them they're not tight.
  16. Roadworthy

    kubota b-1700 won't start, turn over, with key, but starts when solenoid is jumped.

    I can't tell you the physical locations on your tractor but the PTO needs to be off, you need to be sitting in the seat, and you need to depress the clutch. It may have a neutral switch as well.
  17. Roadworthy

    3 -point hitch stuck down

    If you have a sticking valve as the tech suggested warranty should cover it. It's not your problem.
  18. Roadworthy

    Clutch slipping L2350

    Try adjusting the clutch so you have about an inch of easy pedal movement (free play) before the clutch actually starts to disengage. As stated above it should be possible to press it nearly to the floor.
  19. Roadworthy

    l275 blowing blue smoke, rebuild?

    It may need an overhaul at 1500 hours but I strongly suggest a compression check at the very least before undertaking the project. There are other possible causes of your smoke and most are less invasive than an overhaul.
  20. Roadworthy

    M4 PTO engagement

    Try leaving your engine at idle. Depress the clutch and engage the PTO. You can then ease the clutch out smoothly bringing the mower up to speed. Now bring the RPMs up to PTO speed. When disengaging the PTO depress the clutch first. That is the sequence told to my by my Kubota mechanic. It...