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  1. Lencho

    Piranha toothbar questions

    Maybe there are holes in some factory buckets, mine had none. :unsure:
  2. Lencho

    Piranha toothbar questions

    Hum, two holes through the soft steel on the side of the bucket, or many holes through the hardened, factory cutting edge. i prefer the original mount. A side benefit is the bolts hold my mulch forks as well.
  3. Lencho

    The dreaded post hole auger

    Try running the engine slow so it isn’t digging too fast. Lift up after you dig about a foot or so. my TPH stays up, so you may be right about the seal failing.
  4. Lencho

    The dreaded post hole auger

    Hi 2drx4, I have run a PHD with my B7100. No problem digging down, but go slow and lift up often. I’ve gotten the auger stuck a few times when it went down too far too fast. My ground is hard clay, not glacial till. No rocks but some roots.
  5. Lencho

    B7100 Backhoe setup…. Is this the correct way?

    Hi Benedict, Torch has dome a great job of calling out the issues and I suggest you take his advice. The bolt in your current attachment locks like it will swivel under pressure. Fab up a two point connection at the upper end and make sure your FEL has a brace to the lower end as well and you...
  6. Lencho

    Any Interest in B7100 parts? I can buy one without engine / has FEL

    I think the loader is worth the $1500. There are often posts from folks looking to buy or build one. It may take awhile to find the right buyer as shipping could be a hassle.
  7. Lencho

    B7100 Backhoe setup…. Is this the correct way?

    Welcome Benedict. You have a model I’ve not seen before. My 4572 is a later model and uses a similar, but more reinforced upper attachment. Here are pictures of it on and off the tractor.
  8. Lencho

    B7100d get tire sizes

    Hi zigoapex, what sizes do you have now front and back?
  9. Lencho

    Top link question

    You need it to adjust easily while on the tractor. Just order a new one and be sure to get the right length. See this thread:
  10. Lencho

    B6000 wheel hubs loose

    Glad to see you got the hubs to tighten. Clean looking tractor! I like the wood floor, is that indoor storage?
  11. Lencho

    Kubota Tractor B7200HST-D hydraulic oil leaking into the crankcase/oil pan

    Hi Ed, I tend to agree with Old Hokie, if it meshes and turns the pump it will likely work for a long time. I had the same leak this spring and just replaced the pump seal. As you say mine was rectangular but yours looks quite symmetrical so perhaps the design was changed?
  12. Lencho

    Bamboo root blocker install.

    Here is how I turned the corner on the trench. Not a big deal but sometimes the question is asked. ;)
  13. Lencho

    Bamboo root blocker install.

    I’m working on my backhoe dolly and the backhoe hydraulic cylinders have sprung a few new leaks. I need help finding seal kits as well. :(
  14. Lencho

    Bamboo root blocker install.

    We dug a 50’ trench about 24” deep and installed the 30” barrier on the angle so future roots come to the surface. My son helped me plant the barrier on Father’s day! He is off to grad school so I really appreciate him being home. :)
  15. Lencho

    Bamboo root blocker install.

    I have a small clump of golden bamboo growing on one side of our property. This year the roots are invading our berry patch. I ordered 75” of “bamboo shield”. this is a 30” wide, 80 mil plastic root barrier: Here are...
  16. Lencho

    If you don't feel protected...

    We won’t match the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) man for man. We need technology/armament advantage.
  17. Lencho

    What’s the purpose of life?

    Peace and love. Be kind.
  18. Lencho

    B26 backhoe Outrigger cylinder guard.

    Can you lift the outriggers with those on? I ask because I’m always lifting mine up to move along as I dig the trench. They look great!
  19. Lencho

    To fill or not to fill...also, spacers

    I filled my tires and don’t remove the fill when using the backhoe. If the backhoe was on all the time I would not have filled them but it makes no difference when it is on. Actually the little tractor gets tossed about a bit by the backhoe so I think the extra weight is good. 😉
  20. Lencho

    How big of plow can you pull?

    Why do they need a person tending each plow share?