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    M9540 hydraulic shuttle

    Sounds as if hyd valve that's controlled by foot pedal isn't opening fully therefore keeping pressure applied to shuttle clutch plates
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    M7040 clucking in rear end when coming to a stop

    Check to be sure ALL wheel mounting bolts are tight.
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    Fuel issue

    Many yrs ago I owned a M4900 that had fuel supply problems. Local Kubota service manager advised me to check to determine if tiny screen in fuel shut-off valve in water separator was clogged. I found screen clogged. I cleaned screen & engine began operating correctly.
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    PTO slip clutch adjustment - burning up discs

    I think I'd replace springs with new springs when replacing new linings
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    Kubota's with Roof Mounted A/C system

    But he can be easily found on Tractorbynet
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    M5-111 Clutch Issue

    Does your M5-111 have hyd reverser? If so clutch pedal controls a hyd valve. It's my WAG that hyd reverser is the component that is failing. I would think hyd shuttle would be located in clutch housing or very front of transmission case. Hyd shuttle clutch assembly is $2385 from Messicks so if...
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    M5700 fuel issues

    Many yrs ago I owned a M4900 that engine operated similar to what you describe. I finally located a tiny screen on fuel shut-off valve in water separator housing that was clogged. Cleaned screen & then engine operated fine
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    Loader sensitivity

    Yrs ago I added an adjustable flow control valve to boom circuit on loader on my Kubota M4900. The flow control valve eased operation while handling 4X5+ rd bales that weighed 900-1000#s
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    Bad seal on brush hog gearbox?

    Back yard or front yard repair I've had cornhead grease in my JD 709 rotary mower that has a faulty blade shaft seal for several years. While operating cutter cornhead greases liquifies some & when machine sits it solidifies. Cornhead grease has been used for over 40 yrs so it has it's value.
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    Kubota break light switch

    It appears that Dave has your question answered about brake pedal switch.
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    Kubota break light switch

    My "crystal ball" is cloudy it would help if you would reveal your tractors model so you could receive correct part # for your tractors brake light switch.
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    Air Conditioning tests on L5030

    I agree with other posters never add refrigerants without monitoring both high & low pressures with gauges.
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    M7040 LA1153 cracking factory welds, loader

    As we're well aware of incorrect information especially if posted on the internet isn't a good thing!!
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    M8560 Injector Pump

    A couple of years back my neighbor's M8560 that got water in fuel tank then the water grew a fungus. Kubota dealer replaced common rail pump & injectors. Common rail fuel system isn't as forgiving to foreign things in fuel system as older technology fuel systems.
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    M7060HD12 stuck in park

    I suggest to raise 1 rear tire with a jack or your M7040. This should loosen stress on drivetrain.
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    M4700 acting starved for fuel...?

    I suggest to check to be sure fuel tank is venting. An unobstructed tank vent keeps exiting fuel from creating a vacuum in fuel tank stopping fuel flow. Did you replace water separator housing? If not I suggest to check for fuel flow blockage in water separator fuel passageways. Several yrs...
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    Sub soiler

    I'm curious why you elect to pull a heavy load such as a subsoiler(2 1/2') at a ""crack above idle"'? I guess you don't realize lugging a diesel powered engine is very detrimental to the engines longevity.
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    7060 won’t run when cold

    Welcome to forum Ditto on not enough fuel anti-gel or it's possible fuel tank vent is clogged.
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    Clutch Squeal

    X2 on possible faulty throw-out &/or pilot brg. which will require tractor to be split to repair as other members have stated. It would be interesting to know what other traction clutch pedal adjustments are discussed in WSM besides clutch control pedal free travel.
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    Grand L5030 will not start using the key

    If not already performed I suggest to remove/clean/tighten all four(4) battery cable connections.