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  1. Dave_eng

    B6000, can anyone help me identify this part?

    Read thru this forum thread and you will note TORCH makes these blocks. TORCH He is in Canada Dave
  2. Dave_eng

    B6000, can anyone help me identify this part?

    That rectangular item is the hydraulic block. It is made in two halves. If you wanted to power a loader or other, you would remove the outer cover and replace it with one with more outlets. Since you have a loader the outer half of the block has already been changed. Contact 007kubotaguy on the...
  3. Dave_eng

    B6000 4wd 10 spline rear PTO

    Thanks NIW, I think you told me this before and I forgot.. Dave
  4. Dave_eng

    B6000 4wd 10 spline rear PTO

    Does it have any Japanese labels on it? A counter clockwise rear pto sounds like GRAY market and North American implements wont work. From memory the B6000 came in two versions. A japan market machine and a North American machine and the pto rotation was different. Years ago there were pto...
  5. Dave_eng

    Tachometer not on zero?

    There are smart phone aps which replicate a strobe tach so this would allow you to check actual engine rpm. Search for the app StrobeLight tachometer app on the iPhone or Android. It uses the pic flash led on the iPhone for the strobe light. Paint a white line on any shaft, start the app, point...
  6. Dave_eng

    M9000DTM hydraulic help

    Have you ever heard the relief valve in earlier years? Usually the engine noise drowns it out. Running oil thru the relief valve is a quick way to heat it up. You can always do as Dan suggests if you have the gauge and hardware Dave
  7. Dave_eng

    M9000DTM hydraulic help

    There will be a feedback rod connected to one of the 3 pt lift arms and at the other end connected to the 3 pt control valve. it purpose is to not allow the 3 pt to stay constantly calling for hydraulic pressure. If it is not adjusted properly the pump will he hitting the relief valve and over...
  8. Dave_eng

    l275 blowing blue smoke, rebuild?

    Sometimes what diesel engines need is some hard work to get the rings seating well again. Many tractors are used lightly and over time the cylinder walls develop a glaze and the rings don't seat properly. Read this article by Caterpillar about the results of gen sets being under loaded. Genset...
  9. Dave_eng

    Fried my ecm with battery change

    My post is just intended to provide info not to be of help to the owner with a serious issue!!! It has been my experience studying Kubota and John Deere manuals that John Deere goes to a much greater length to protect against reverse polarity situations. They use special purpose relays called...
  10. Dave_eng

    L3600DTGST Hydraulic Clutch Replacement?

    007kubotaguy on the forum is breaking down tractors but possibly only older models. Suggest you check with him. Some cities have clutch and brake relining places perhaps yours could have new friction material added. Look on eBay. I see one which might fit for $160 but don't expect Kubota...
  11. Dave_eng

    seal kit

    Most of the advice you will get will be to take the cylinder to an independent hydraulic shop. They will likely do the work including seals for the price of Kubota seals. Dave
  12. Dave_eng

    air in hydraulic lines

    Does the 3 pt hitch work? Hydraulics are self bleeding with use. However, if your suction side of the pump and the suction line have air leaking in then you will always have air. Often suction lines have places where there is a rubber joint. These crack and let air in but not fluid out so...
  13. Dave_eng

    Rotary cutter vibration

    When you are doing the test in the video, have the pto shaft removed as the articulation of the u joints can produce a rhythmic motion which may produce a noise. You just want top be only chasing a cutter issue not a pto shaft. Good luck. Dave
  14. Dave_eng

    Starting B2320HST

    Perhaps the key switch is shot, someone messed with the wiring or rodent damage. The glow plugs are powered in both pre heat and start key positions. You can remove the key switch and use a multi meter to check its 3 positions as shown in the above table. Dave
  15. Dave_eng

    B7100 loader

    Forum member Torch built his loader for a B7100 and I believe used the tractor's hydraulics but check with him. It is really question of the speed you want. Torch was having clutch disk failures which were traced back to the tractor flexing from the loader loads so do a lot of homework on the...
  16. Dave_eng

    L2500D wont start

    I am posting a page from the WSM which shows three safety switches. When you talk of jumping I assume you mean the battery. You need to learn how to jump the starter but you need to realize there are real dangers doing this as your tractor can run a way or over you. Always have someone in the...
  17. Dave_eng

    Wiring issues on 2007 l -48

    I am going to give you my educated guess. Messicks shows this same part used on 7 or 8 other models including the B21 which means other wiring diagrams can identify its function. It is the OPC or Operator Presence Controller. Depending upon where you bought your WSM it may or may not have this...
  18. Dave_eng

    Cleaning battery terminals

    Are you paying attention to the outer end of the ground cable. An aged battery will emit far more corrosive gasses. I think yours is telling you it is time for a replacement. A weak end connection will make other connection conditions super critical. Dave
  19. Dave_eng

    2016 L4701 PTO will not engage

    Excellent post by NCL4701. This level of detail can't but help. Dave
  20. Dave_eng

    Hydraulic problems with L4630

    It sounds like someone was careless in putting hydraulic lines back where they belong. Where did you find this mechanic, shurley not at a Kubota dealer? The loader valve will feed the 3 pt hitch if it has 7 lines connected to it. A line out of place for the loader will create lots of weird...