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  1. Smokeydog

    Potential M59 Buyer Advice

    Love our M59. 90% used in 3pt mode. Powerful backhoe when you need it. Many modifications to fit our use. Emissions BS and out the front exhaust are two issues I have with the M62. I can putter around low rpm where emission tractors have to run faster. They share 95% of the parts with the M59...
  2. Smokeydog

    Piranha toothbar questions

    Don’t think you need three cutting edges for strength. Do lose lifting capacity.
  3. Smokeydog

    Piranha toothbar questions

    Wow! Haven’t seen the “Pro” before. They made me a custom weld on edge for a skidsteer bucket for my M59 and love it. Clears brush faster and cleaner than a grapple. The bevel on the teeth is what really pulls brush up on by the roots. Just don’t carry as good. It does dig clay so much...
  4. Smokeydog

    Kubota Says No Wheel Ballast With a Backhoe.

    Bean counter, lawyer, engineer? Who knows? Kubota doesn’t say. I use liquid ballast and wheel extensions for stability safety on my hillside farm. Local dealer puts rear ballast in every tractor with a loader. They says they have not seen a single problem or had issue from Kubota. Rollovers...
  5. Smokeydog

    What insurance source for privately owned 2021 Kubota M62 TLB.... in Virginia?

    Due diligence when I bought my M59 at a really good price I researched the seller and original buyer (landscaper) thru Kubota to make sure it wasn’t stolen. Many years afterwards before i noticed it had large letter/numerals, call sign, painted on top of the canopy. ID you can see from the air...
  6. Smokeydog

    b20 tractor d950-a-t rebuild

    Unique to the B20 is the hydraulic pump is driven in front by the crankshaft. Not sure if the block is special. Had one for 23 years and they are tough and ever so handy on the farm. Failed injector hurt the engine and couldn’t find a replacement within budget. Sold it for 25% of I bought it...
  7. Smokeydog

    Telescopic sway bar

    Mr. Hodge is the expert and marker of fine sway bars. Before I knew about him bought import sway bars and had to modify them to fit the M59 and B26. So far have held up to rough use for over 7 years.
  8. Smokeydog

    10kW PTO generator

    Pretty simple if I can do it. PVC weather proof box and solid cover. Drill two 7/8” (22mm) holes. Polarized plug, Power to X1 terminals, neutral to X2. Meters only have two terminals. Strain relief clamp for cord. Same meters going on the generator.
  9. Smokeydog

    10kW PTO generator

    Many of us “ Living the dream” with tractors and property, have to rely on generators. Bought some meters to better monitor the pto generator’s power. With a few extra to make this box for about $20. Can plug into any receptacle, generator or house. Always nice to monitor generator power...
  10. Smokeydog

    How did you mount your fire extinguisher?

    I push the metal pull pin thru a small piece of 1/4” rubber on the back side to help retain it.
  11. Smokeydog

    B20 Rear Tire Ballast

    Have seen some members use a simple, cheap Harbor freight pump and fill their own tires. Jack up tire, fill, release pressure, fill, repeat til fluid reaches 12 clock at valve stem. Your dilution could be 25% for ballast. Don’t think they ever used as concentrated as the engine cooling. I...
  12. Smokeydog

    B20 Rear Tire Ballast

    Need to have that air pocket for cushion.
  13. Smokeydog

    B20 Rear Tire Ballast

    I’m 8 miles from dealer and they filled them. Most punctures on tubeless tires can be plugged. You can dilute your concentrated ethylene glycol for ballast. Ethylene glycol is the best wood rot killer. If mixed with borate, a permanent termite treatment if not in ground contact or rain...
  14. Smokeydog

    Making a custom 3" receiver for the LMTV M1078

    Love nice custom fabrication work. Good job!
  15. Smokeydog

    B20 Rear Tire Ballast

    Had ethylene glycol mixture in my B20 rears and foam in the front. 3/16” steel (heavy) four post canopy. 23 years, 3600hrs. Tough as nails little tractor. New, 2016, B26 dealer used ethanol on rears, 2” wheel extension and bullet proof sealant in the front. Really improved traction and...
  16. Smokeydog

    10kW PTO generator

    You maybe right. It can’t be sealed and needs to be able to transfer heat. I need and look forward to valuable input. There are few things engineering controls and changes can’t improve upon. Generators operating in inclement weather are hazardous. Trying to reduce that hazard. Might...
  17. Smokeydog

    10kW PTO generator

    Cover primary use is for weather proofing for outside running the generator. Indoor storage cover a plus to keep it clean.
  18. Smokeydog

    Pallet Fork Platform

    Designed cage to be able to strap an aluminum wide walk board to the horizontal bars for extra height and width. Do sometimes use a fall protection harness and tether.
  19. Smokeydog

    10kW PTO generator

    Not showing in photos well is a 6x15” slot for the pto shaft and 1x21” slot overhang in the back. The generator is fan cooled pulling air thru the generator from the back. Maybe make some louvers in the fan flow path? Do plan more holes and simply propping the up some with a bungee across the...
  20. Smokeydog

    10kW PTO generator

    Worked some on the cover. Needs some ventilation holes, cord holes. Holding down with bungees for now. Need a few blocks to hold the bottom from shifting. Lid has thick and strong drip edging to keep water out. Think the concept will work.