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    quick hitch

    650 plus shipping
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    quick hitch

    I have a bx2751 i would part with.
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    Bx2751 For Sale

    BX2751 quick hitch. Fits Kubota BX series, for blade, snowblower, broom. No shafts included. Good condition. Asking $600 Thanks Only hitch
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    BX2370 PTO cover leaking fluid

    It is leaking at the bottom were this gasket is. I checked above and also back farther and it is coming right at the seam. I thought I saw a post to be careful taking off the cover but I could not find again.
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    BX2370 PTO cover leaking fluid

    I found a leak coming from pto cover. It is keaking at the bottom where the seal or g asket material is. I was looking to repair. Anything is should be aware of when loosing the cover like parts coming out . What is recommend gastket material? Any reason for leak or why gasket failed? New...
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    PTO Hookup Bungee Trick?

    i put the PTO in nuetral on the tractor which allows me to turn it by hand. I think i saw it on this forum.
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    HF Quick Hitch questions...again

    I have HF quick hitch. Did same and got bushing from tsc. No pricey at all. Top link on my items just required a littke grinding. I have been happy with it. I did but a pats at first but did not like it. Returned mine with no questioned asked.
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    Kubota L3600 curtis cab restoration help

    Agree use plexiglass not real glass
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    Snowblower wanted for BX23s

    What model is snowblower? Price looking to get?
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    Amish Machine Shop using Kubota engine

    We have a lot of Amish here in central Pa. They are not against electric but rather being connected to the grid which applies to phone and electric. They feel being connected to grid is at the expense of Gods world.
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    New to the forum have questions about my BX2370

    I would guess vacuum also. I know there is an adjustment screw for belt.
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    Kubota B2673 Blade for sale

    Is that blade only? Where located?
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    Pallet Forks

    Redline systems and Ai2 come in at 161 pounds
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    More storage!

    I agree need better friends or people to move. Nice win for you.
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    Things you cant understand

    Repeating the sins of the past under Clihton we made getting loans easier and the look what happened. We are making easier again with poor decisions ort policies. Will we see another 2008 bubble crash?
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    Pallet Forks

    I just purchased redline systems. Love the addition receiver on carriage.
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    PTO Driven log splitter vs. stand alone L3902HST

    I use a stand alone someone built. It is an i beam with tank motor and wheel. I like in can tow around and us tractor to move and pick up wood. Usually keep chipper on vack to clean up as i go.
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    Generator Starting

    Is it gas or diesel? Agree if diesel not good to use starter fluid. Primer bulb was great idea works like fuel pump to inject small amount of gas
  19. V thanks so much thanks so much
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    Hello Ping, I see you made a home brew diverter for you bx2370. Would you mind sharing whats...

    Hello Ping, I see you made a home brew diverter for you bx2370. Would you mind sharing whats poarts you bought and sources.? Maybe cost. I am looking to use for a grapple. Thanks