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    B7800 wont run

    I assume that you checked the air filter. Since the fuel filter was so neglected, the air filter may have been neglected too ----- a plugged air filter will also cause that symptom.
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    B5100E Oil pressure and charging issues

    I believe that the oil pressure sensor is 1/8" BSPT --- British pipe thread. If you buy that fitting --- should work. The 1/8" NPT fitting that you get with most all oil pressure gauges will also work --- just wrap it well with tread tape but, ---- it will cross thread so I wouldn't plan to go...
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    Can't get Kubota's Parts List to Open

    See post #3 in this thread:
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    B20 low on power for moving, smokes, only really starts in wamer weather.

    Do you have any blow by?? Check your compression -----low power plus hard starting sounds like she needs engine help to me.
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    Hydraulic filters

    Well, for about the 100th time ----- You need a Parts Manual for your tractor. There's no reason not to have one. You can get a pdf download of the parts manual for your tractor at no charge from Click on the "Enter" sign to enter the site; click on the manuals tab; click...
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    B7100 HST won't start

    What's your battery voltage at rest?
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    Weak hydraulics in FEL

    What's your hydraulic pressure?
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    G1800 blowing oil

    RV = recommended value AL = allowable limit
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    Fuel system on B6200 ?

    Dirty fuel filter??????
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    Safety Switch? Question

    Parts Manuals at no charge: ---- click on the Manuals tab then use the drop down boxes to fill in the required info --- sit back and wait ---- you'll receive an E-Mail with a pdf download. Did you try the "Search" feature ----- ??? I'm guessing not.
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    B7100 Wheel torque specs

    Or, check out There are a variety of Owner's Manuals there -- none for a B7100 though. Check out the "Wheel" section in those manuals --- you'll find a lug torque spec for both front and back. I would think your B7100 would be the same -- the manuals there are free.
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    Safety Switch? Question

    While I do not know for sure, I would imagine that the clutch safety can be adjusted. You need to crawl under there and look at how it's mounted. Once you have eyes on it, the method required to adjust it should be obvious. You should be able to easily accomplish this without a manual...
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    B7100 oil pressure specs

    Re: B7100 oil pressure problem and specs I really don't think that the relief is a problem --- if I were you, I would go to the next step -----. When you remove the front case cover to check the camshaft plug (if it has one), you can then check the oil pump at the same time. If you don't...
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    95' b20 tlb

    You have several hydraulic lines that join the transmission in that area. They are all mounted with "banjo" bolts. Sounds like it may be as simple as a loose bolt. Have you checked them all to see if they're tight?
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    Freak Injector pump assembly question

    Wow! Welcome to OTT --- I'm going to guess that not many will have an answer for you. You may want to call a fuel injection service close to you and ask them that question ---
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    Fuel cap for BX1860 maybe plugged?

    Excellent points --------------
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    Fuel cap for BX1860 maybe plugged?

    Easy to test --- just leave it loose and see if the problem returns. Assuming that you have good compression, you need fuel and air for it to run. Nice clean air filter??
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    1990 m8580

    You need the Owner's Manual --- check E-Bay; or the dealer. You should have a Workshop Service Manual --- check E-Bay or order from a dealer You need a Parts Manual --- free pdf download from or E-Bay for the printed manual. In my opinion, the printed...
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    G1800 blowing oil

    If you want to buy a diesel compression gauge, check Harbor Freight for a "good enough" one. Kubota parts --- try
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    G1800 blowing oil

    Well, as long as we're guessing, I'm guessing you need rings --- logical next step would be a compression check.