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    error code P008 9

    I did not get a code but the dealership wants me to bring my L3310 in for a ECM update as soon as possible to prevent getting the code.
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    LX2610 Manual Says No Tire Fluid When Operating the Loader

    Dealer filled the rears on my cab L3310 as part of prep before I picked it up. Glad they did, it is tippy as is, could not imagine how bad it would be if the rears were not loaded.
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    50 hour service

    Wow, that looks like my fluid at 200 hrs...I normally use the shop vac trick if the fluid is not required to be changed... but I may dump it on my L3310 for the 50hr servive.
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    Message from Messicks

    I was just speaking to a friend last week who is a sales manager at a dealership. He told me the new paradigm is that they will cut stocking inventory by 50% based the past year and set an expectation for salespeople to have at least that much in ordered sales, which saves them a lot money...
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    In you best non-threating voice, ask him to do it now as you paid several months ago with the expectation of services and the car has been there a reasonable amount of time. If he pushes back, then ask for the pre-payment back and get the car. Just don't do anything that can be used against...
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    New LX 3310

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    Puncture advice - Front tire L series

    Foamed my skid steer and tractor front tires several years based on the recommendations of local home builder, best free advice I ever got. Have never looked back and never had a problem. Adds some beneficial weight to the front of the tractor.
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    Filter Wrench Choices

    No one wrench works for all situations so I have several from a strap wrench to several sized cup wrenches. My goto is a few different sizes of Tekton oil filter pliers for my tractor and trucks.
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    Farthest You’ve Driven

    I drove over 1600 miles round trip to buy my L45, saved 3k over the next best price. If it is worth it, go get it. Turned it into a mini vacation and enjoyed the trip.
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    EverythingMoneyAttachments. All the money up front?

    I like EA and I have never had a problem with EA products but waiting 16 weeks after paying is ridiculous. There are other good grapple/equipment manufacturers out there. I bought a much cheaper priced grapple (by half) that has been abused/hammered by my Bobcat T870 track loader most of its...
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    Tire pressure for L3901

    My advice is to experiment with pressures. I run 10 -12 psi in my R4 rear tires on all my tractors, if I run what the manual states, maybe a 1/4 of the tread is on the ground and it is bouncy and rough to ride on. I started with factory pressures on many but lowered them till I was happy...
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    Today’s award for stupid goes to…

    That is a good one.... My wife did this a few years back, I was working on the finishing mowing and had not put the middle blade on yet. She asked if I was done, I was in the shop at the time and said naaaaah, but she heard yeaaaa. She proceeded to mow about 2 acres before it dawned on her...
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    Optimum Rpm.

    Really depends on what I am doing but I do not baby them, they are made to run at PTO speed for a reason. And on the modern tractors that have DPF, it seems to be better to keep RPM up. The only time I have ever run one "wide open" is running down the road...
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    Lx2610 w/cab - wheel spacer size and any info please!

    I have the 3" Bro-Teks on the rear of my LX3310, seems to make it more stable.
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    Rear Tire Pressure for 14-17.5 R14T

    I run my R14s at 12 psi... have been for several weeks. No problems except a better ride.
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    Frustration with waiting on new Kubota order

    I waited about 6 months to get my cabbed LX3310...
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    What's your L-series rear tire pressure?

    I have filled R14 tires, OM states 32 psi, I run 12 psi now after several weeks lowering it by 5 psi till I found a comfortable yet operational pressure. Your may be more or less depending on tractor weight and attachments.
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    LX2610 Backhoe AND Filled Tires - WSM Says No

    My L45 TLB has similar CYA's on tire loading. If the tires were not loaded, the backhoe would push the tractor around like a rag doll... Just my opinion, I would not worry about the weight of the tires on the ground affecting the frame stress very much. And I would not own a tractor without...
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    LX3310 delivery on 5/8

    Picked my LX3310 cab up about two months ago and have about 20 hours on it (yet to do a regen), sold the B2710 it was replacing and it was kind of sad day but I really like the cab (wife really likes the AC since she does all the mowing around the property). As you note with a cab, you will...
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    FIRST POST! 60 year member! Need Grapple advice new L2501 owner