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  1. 07wingnut

    SOLVED BX23S FEL lift stopped working?

    Quick guess, one or two of your quick disconnects for the FEL has become unseated and needs to be reinserted. If you have the system where all FEL hoses connect as a unit, this may or may not be possible.
  2. 07wingnut

    BX23 hydro oil change interval

    I got all the manuals. The front axle has high viscosity gear oil in it, don't want to run UDT as its viscosity is pretty high, more liable to get seal leaks. It is time to change to coolant. I have a primary fuel filter that is visible for crud build up, and if it is clean (which it is) it is...
  3. 07wingnut

    BX23 hydro oil change interval

    Thanks for all the comments. I guess by majority rules, the oil and filter will get changed.
  4. 07wingnut

    BX23 hydro oil change interval

    I bought this BX23 with 1800 hours on the clock, and at that time, changed all the fluids, with the hydrostatic getting the SUDT, more commonly known in Canada as UDT premium. Eight years later, the tractor now reads around 2300 hours. What would the recommendation be, new oil, new filter, one...
  5. 07wingnut

    b7100 HST overheating

    Thanks for the explanation. Experience counts for a lot when diagnosing this kind of stuff.
  6. 07wingnut

    b7100 HST overheating

    Interesting diagnosis. Could you explain why you suspect a cracked head as opposed to a leak thru the head gasket?
  7. 07wingnut

    BX fuel tank cleaning surprise

    No matter how careful you are, sooner or later some piece of crap is going to get into your tank. Use a filter at the fill port of the tank, either from the dealer, or Mcgyver something like this yourself.
  8. 07wingnut

    Relocating BX fuel filter

    With this location, the tractor itself is the guard. It sits in between the fel attach post and the tractor body.
  9. 07wingnut

    A simple mower deck dolley

    A little bit of effort involved in making the 2 shafts, but that is all the materials you need. The mower deck wheels become the dolley wheels.
  10. 07wingnut

    Lost key

  11. 07wingnut

    Shear Bolt for Pronovost Snowblower

    Go to any hardware store to buy these by the dozen for what you would pay for 1 at the dealer. A grade 2 bolt has no marks on the head. Refer to the included chart.
  12. 07wingnut

    Fuel starvation

    Glad you finally got it fixed, very aggravating when you need it to work and it doesn't. While your problem wasn't from garbage dropping into the tank from outside, you did mention that there was a bit of debris in there when you drained it. Doesn't matter how careful you are, it will accumulate...
  13. 07wingnut

    What damage can repeated Jump Starting cause?

    I wired these in for emergency use only, if I experience a failure of the safety switches. It allows me to go when there is a problem, get the job done, and then worry about fixing the safety switch problem. The toggle is a safety bypass for ALL the safety switches, and the push button is a...
  14. 07wingnut

    L2501 temp question - first time diesel owner

    When winter comes, I slip this in front of the rad. Works like a charm, without it, the gauge never gets above the cold mark.
  15. 07wingnut

    Snowblower chute idiot bars…

    Chute guard was turfed as soon as I cleared my first blockage. However, I did replace it with and easily removable solid piece of heavy gauge tin, fastened with wingnuts for convenience. An enclosed chute doesn't allow airflow to spill out of the column, and gives you better blowing distance.
  16. 07wingnut

    Heater bypass valve

    Would it not be easier to install a variable speed control on your fan. With no or low air flow, it doesn't really matter how hot the heater core gets. You are just pulling out enough to maintain the cab temp at a comfortable level.
  17. 07wingnut

    snowblower hood deflector

    Very well done. Just a suggestion, but mounting that cylinder shaft facing down would prevent snow and ice from locking it up.
  18. 07wingnut

    Steering tie rod boot

    Or do this, zero dollars, has lasted for 2 years so far
  19. 07wingnut

    BX23S Seat Safety Switch

    Nope. Switch bypasses all safety switches. Red button will engage the starter under any circumstance , including when the engine is running. May have to rethink that feature.
  20. 07wingnut

    BX23S Seat Safety Switch

    That is not a light, it is a "start the engine ignoring all safety interlocks". I must now go into hiding to avoid detection by the safety police.