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  1. Crash277

    Another use for the grapple?

    a root rake grapple is awesome for tearing up and cleaning the top layer of the ground.
  2. Crash277

    BX snow removal suggestions.

    im looking forward to snow this year. got myself a snow pusher!! it will be nice to have that with the blower on the back.
  3. Crash277

    Box blade recommendation for BX

    i have the 1250 for my 23s. its on the unit right now. IMO its the perfect size. doenst make the machine much wider than stock, so i can still fit into tight spaces. longest road i have done was 2.4km. i graded the entire thing with it. ive also done driveways, pool pads, grading with it.
  4. Crash277

    Meet the Scorpion...

    i think i need to modify my everthing attachments one.... that looks like a beast of a ripper!
  5. Crash277

    Canadian Wildfires

    One of the fires is currently about 25min by ATV trails from my house. However the wind is currently cooperating. The air is heavy, and seems to go up and down in waves. My German shorthair pointer sure isnt liking it. i think all the "campfire" smell is messing with her nose. Last time I...
  6. Crash277

    Tilling time!!

    you are 100% correct.. last weekend i was driving down the highway from tilling a garden, and got stopped by an elderly gentleman and asked me to till his garden.. so i turned around did the job, got some cash and his wife gave me a bunch of tomato plants for my garden!!
  7. Crash277

    Kub introduces new models

    i love having an HST and joystick for loader work. using the old case with a clutch and twin stick loader is a pain in the butt. In the field though i love the old gear drive. pick a gear bring the RPM up then sit back and steer.
  8. Crash277

    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    fun weekend.. went to till a garden, got one pass done. front tire went flat.. no big deal air it up.. side wall was leaking. next day got a tube and fixed it then had to wait 2 days to finish tilling because of the rain. its all done now though!
  9. Crash277

    Quit forking around and just build it!!!!

    ref the clanging and banging.... its a trailer thread unless you are using your tractor to tow your trailer, i would assume most trucks have radios.
  10. Crash277

    Time to buy?

    the time to buy was yesterday, so you can put it to work today!!
  11. Crash277

    Homemade Grapple

    thts a great idea!
  12. Crash277

    Ripper tooth storage solution in need of a problem.

    only thing i would worry about is it getting stolen
  13. Crash277

    Daily Chuckle

    usually its like this..
  14. Crash277

    I wonder if new made in China Kubota's could be imported.

    there is 1 exception... federal employees who were sent to work outside canada can import whatever vehicle they purchased. but other than that.. its a PITA....
  15. Crash277

    Ripper tooth storage solution in need of a problem.

    another great idea i may have to steal.... i have a ripper for mine. i usually just toss it into the truck bed tool box i bolted to the tongue of the trailer.
  16. Crash277

    Quit forking around and just build it!!!!

    turn the radio up haha
  17. Crash277

    Quit forking around and just build it!!!!

    thats awesome! i have that exact same task on my to do list. same spot on my 7x18. as the other side has the spare tire. you just going to use a strap to hold them on? i was thinking of having a pin lock for mine.
  18. Crash277

    B26 backhoe ripper option

    Great work!! i only have the 12" bucket and ripper for my little BH. I love having the QA, and the ripper makes much faster work of roots. i have the plans to build a trailer hitch and a 16" ditching bucket. hope to get those done this summer. i love seeing the stuff people make/modify on...
  19. Crash277

    Newer GM stuff is junk

    When i was a teenager i worked at at transmission shop.. those 3.3L transmissions were paying the bills... my boss always had some ready to go on the shelf so that i could just R&R 1-2 a day at least once or twice a week. I got so fast at swapping them out because i had a tool tray just for...
  20. Crash277

    Lawnmower Time

    its been raining non stop up here since sunday... this weekend i bet i will be able to literally watch it grow.