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  1. Pau7220

    Oil pan gasket

    3M 8008 weatherstrip adhesive is my go-to. I also use it as a tattle tale drain plug marking seal on all customers vehicles …… until yesterday.
  2. Pau7220

    Roll Call

    Still here…. Sorry, I’ve been a little busy
  3. Pau7220

    Tools Used

    I carry a 20v leaf blower when brush hogging
  4. Pau7220

    Parts Help

    You‘re welcome. I just discovered the place myself… great guys to deal with. Do yourself a favor, seal up that crack with cheap silicone caulk and pressure wash it before you pull it apart. That’s a lot of dirt.
  5. Pau7220

    Parts Help

    I know for sure Wengers in Myerstown, PA has an L4600 on the lot…. I was eyeballing the wheels on it. EDIT: When I got the reading glasses, it saw the cross model was L4610 Give them a call anyway…. They had my gear case.
  6. Pau7220

    L3650 gear case fix

    Update Back to work before noon, and before the rain…..
  7. Pau7220

    L3650 gear case fix

    After this yesterday … and not looking forward to this… I found this…. I jumped in the car this morning, drove two hours to Wengers in Meyerstown for the used spindle, another...
  8. Pau7220

    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    All I can say is the same reason planes fall out of the sky, crankshafts and rods break, etc… metal fatigue. Glad it broke there instead of the axle housing or the lower case. I’ll post the fix in service, repair and maintenance.
  9. Pau7220

    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Now that the rain has stopped, I had plans on continuing moving a pile of gravel to inside concrete forms….. in ankle deep oatmeal. Then…. 🤬💩😡 Sounded like 9mm shot when it let go. Luckily there was no other damage..
  10. Pau7220

    Kubota l2650 Starting Issue

    It’s a single wire unit on that which pulls the linkage. Unplugging it will be an easy test. The only time it should pull is when the key is turned off for a few seconds.
  11. Pau7220

    Stuck in the Mud: How Right to Repair Could Save Farmers Billions

    On the downside I had a Camry hybrid in for an OBD emissions test which failed due to the MIL lamp on and a code for an under spec hybrid battery. He knew it because he was already quoted in excess of $8000 for a replacement from a Toyota dealer. I guess he was hoping I’d let it slide. Someone...
  12. Pau7220

    Wasps/Hornets under a deck, but can't get under the boards

    Many of the wasp & hornet sprays contain mineral spirits which will destroy an EPDM roof. The water based ones will be safe to use. Read the label.
  13. Pau7220

    Kx033-4 final drive oil drain plugs

    50 years as a mechanic and I‘m not ashamed to say way less than 1% of my hand tools came out of a truck…. only because of the $$$$$$$. Really didn’t sound like the op has access to a tool truck.
  14. Pau7220

    Kx033-4 final drive oil drain plugs

    You’re better off with an Allen socket than an L shaped wrench. It’s much easier to control leverage and keep it square in the plug. Another secret is to take the socket to a belt sander to knock the chamfer off the end. That will allow the hex to go in deeper and give you the little extra bite...
  15. Pau7220

    Possible Hydrolock - Cause

    Why are you replacing rings with .7 hours on them?
  16. Pau7220

    Dipstick to gauge engine oil has snapped.

    No reason to… if you can’t get them with the magnet they won’t hurt anything. Something doesn't look right with that gauge guide and bracket, like it’s bent or just misaligned.… aiming the gauge where it doesn’t belong.
  17. Pau7220

    Ross Chastain

    Sweeps the first 2 stages at Fontana …
  18. Pau7220

    Oil leak

    After you get it clean, you can also throw plain old baby powder on the area. It will leave tell tale streaks and help with pin pointing the leak.
  19. Pau7220

    New to me BX23S w/ Backhoe

    The direction on your right front tire is wrong. Someone may have turned the wheels inside out to increase the track width. If they both look the same, you’ll just have to swap them from side to side. If it’s only the one side, you’ll have to dismount and remount it.