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  3. Jedward

    RC60-71B Mid-Mount Mower - Sold

    Selling complete RC60-71B mid-mount mower. Fits B7100HST. $750 or best offer. Pickup in Memphis area or arrange shipping.
  4. Jedward

    Roll Call

  5. Jedward

    b7100 dynamo

    I just went through this with mine and I was able to get that nut back on by putting a little grease on the bolt so the nut would stick to it long enough for me to get my fingers in there to start it. Good luck! Ed
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  8. Jedward

    WTB speed control plate for B7100hst

    I do, it’s in fairly good shape.
  9. Jedward

    WTB speed control plate for B7100hst

    Are you still looking?
  10. Jedward

    (CLOSED THREAD) B7100 parts

    Re: B7100 parts What does the hood look like? Turf or ag tires? - thanks
  11. Jedward

    What is/was your Profession?

    I'm a lawyer.
  12. Jedward

    Veterans--Sound off!

    C Co. 3/75, 87-91
  13. Jedward

    Average age of OTT users?

    47 and fading.
  14. Jedward

    Average age of OTT users?

    47 but it doesn't feel that bad
  15. Jedward

    W5021 parts

    Believe it or not Sears sells all the parts for these things. I have a shop manual for it if you are interested.
  16. Jedward

    front wheel weights and large kubota front weight from b7100 for sale

    Please post a picture of the front weight. Thanks, Ed