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    Kubota L2900 inframe engine rebuild?

    pull it apart, then compare your findings with what you see in the service manual's specifications. You're gonna need micrometers, inside and outside. Dial bore gauge. Torque wrenches. Whole bunch of other stuff. Dial depth gauge. a lot of folks think just because it's a diesel, it's...
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    BX2350 won't start and I'm at a loss

    Would've taken less time to do a voltage drop test than it did to type the question out. I think a lot of folks are scared of electrical issues. Don't be. Just be smart.
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    I'm an idiot and lost my keys. Now what?

    Lose your kubota key? Go to dealer, order another one. Simple. I have one of every key that every kubota used (with one exception that I can think of), when I worked at the dealer. Had to buy them myself. Most of them came in sets of two, so I stashed the "spares" and gave them to folks...
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    Kubotas to avoid

    GR21xx series I did far more GR series mower transmission repairs than I did B3350 stuff. Only 2 (IIRC) B3350's but I know of at least 10 GR transmissions that I personally did. When they run out of warranty the owner gets to eat the cost. Hard to justify $4000 transmission repair (or...
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    L4701 Engine code P0118

    an fyi how sensors and ecu's work ecu sends 5v out to the sensor through a wire. Sensor is nothing more than a variable resistance item. The resistance changed with temperature (in this case, or in other cases position of the sensor wiper, or whatver but they're mostly all variable...
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    XG850 Starter replacement

    Have used a LOT of DB electrical starters, alternators. They are NOWHERE near OE quality. But they are dirt cheap, and they have some warranty. I've had to use that warranty many times. Inconvenient, and in the case of customers' stuff, a royal pain in the neck-especially if their stuff is...
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    Off Road Diesel?

    I have one issue with OR diesel. It doesn't get used all that much compared to road fuel, sits in the tanks at the station and gathers moisture. Moisture is death to common rail injectors and pumps. Yeah it's got a water separator on the tractor but it doesn't always get all of the moisture...
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    Sidekick RTV-XG850 backfiring / loss of power

    it's got a switch, I don't remember exactly where it's at. Also look at the wiring while you're in there. Just bvecause the meter is showing incorrectly and intermittently, doesn't necessarily mean the switch itself is bad. A cut or chafed wire can do the same things. Going through it now on...
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    Mower deck greasing

    Gearbox directly drives the center blade, via long shaft that runs all the way from the box to the blade. There is usually a grease nipple on the center spindle, but it's usually buried. Sometimes they're on the bottom of the pulley area, sometimes they're "remote" (not "on" the spindle...
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    I'm an idiot and lost my keys. Now what?

    almost all of the modern L series use the same key. L's with a cab use a different key.
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    L2501 losing Hydraulic pressure when not running

    Normal. And I would not worry about it. It’s a cheap hydraulic system. You want one that don’t leak down as fast you’re going to spend a LOT more money. if it leaks down more than a foot per hour with no load on it then you can be concerned.
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    How government Works

    no, this is how government works!
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    Sidekick RTV-XG850 backfiring / loss of power

    it has a crankshaft sensor. Flywheel has teeth on it, with one missing. When crank sensor sees the missing tooth, it knows that it's at TDC. Since it's a 180 degree crankshaft, every half rotation of the crankshaft is counted by the ECU (ECU knows how many teeth on the flywheel, so if it's...
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    Kubota RTV900 issues

    most of the early 900's you had no click when you turn the key on as the solenoid requires power to turn the engine off as opposed to the X900's, 1120's, etc which required power to turn the fuel ON. The old ones worked backwards, sort of. The solenoid would sometimes stick and cause issues...
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    M4 Injector Problem - fixed under warranty

    yes injectors are part of the emissions system, and can be claimed as such in the 5 year emissions warranty. I did quite a few of them on the MX and L series. 99.9% of them were common rail engines. CR engines' injectors do not last nearly as long as mechanical engines do. And they're MUCH...
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    Sidekick RTV-XG850 backfiring / loss of power

    Dealt with kubota warranty department for decades. It is a challenge. Their "system" really needs some fixing in order for it to work seamlessly and easily. When I left the business in 2020 it was neither. Far from it. Did Deere for a few years too and theirs was dirt simple in comparison...
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    Napa(don't) know how.....

    there are many “unknowns” in your original story. I’ve had this exact thing happen, from both sides of the counter. As a dealer representative I have found that many people inflate their stories in order to get whatever they want, yes a lot of times there’s some truth to their side. But...
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    My new truck won't handle the load

    slide-in campers are HARD on frames. Always have been. When I lived in the rust belt I have seen several frames fail in similar fashion.
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    Napa(don't) know how.....

    and now you have no parts store. seen this happen. Sometimes the only place in town, even being imperfect, is better than no place in town. What I also see a lot of, guys (and gals) go to a parts store to buy a atv battery, then gripe because it ain't no good, or it don't fit, or it don't...
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    Maybe it's just member posts asking questions

    mike no disrespect meant, but military is MUCH more than that. A great career. Dad was in for most of his life, brother in for 9 years and 7 1/2 of that was in Iraq. Neither fired a shot at another human. What military teaches, stateside or wartime overseas, is how to deal with people, it...