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  1. johnjk

    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Taught my son how to lube the mmm before mowing Tuesday. Gave both my Orange a once over and headed back inside to my approved recovery location. Will walk him through installing the rear blade on the 3200 once the leaves start dropping.
  2. johnjk

    Top Link is hard to turn ... what lubricant do you use?

    Is it bent? I just use the same grease I use on the FEL and other lube points. I did bend my original top link when I raised my 3pt with the ROPs down. Ended up buying a new one
  3. johnjk

    B7100 misfire

    Did you compression test the cylinders? It is possible you have an injector not performing correctly
  4. johnjk

    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Watched one of my boys take over mowing for the rest of the summer. Did light off the fire pit for entertainment as I sit and watch
  5. johnjk

    Solar Install for the Pole Barn

    Looks good. Easy service off the roof too! Any idea how many hours you are getting off the system under different loads? What are your plans to keep the batteries warm in the winter?
  6. johnjk

    Propane for Generac

    Our supplier will put in a 500gal tank at no charge if you top it off 2x a year. If not then it is 10/mo tank rental. Don’t believe they handle anything smaller. Are you able to purchase a tank and then shop around service?
  7. johnjk

    Off the Orange for a while

    Thanks all. He’s a good kid. Did the oil change/ wheel rotation training last week with him in the vehicles and I make it a point to have both my boys help when I work on their vehicles. They aren’t scared to attempt a repair and they ask for guidance.
  8. johnjk

    Off the Orange for a while

    Thanks. Everyone is saying do exactly what they say and don’t rush it. Lots of restrictions with driving, lifting, sitting, travel you name it. Wife and I had a big trip for the end of Oct we had to cancel. Lucky it was far enough out that we got refunded. Hoping to be able to travel in late...
  9. johnjk

    Off the Orange for a while

    Having some back work done next week and I am off my Orange till at least March. Gonna have a maintenance session with my son here this weekend to prep him taking over duties. Lucky boy. He gets not only all mowing and trail maintenance but any snow removal if we get a winter.
  10. johnjk

    Salesman gave me a Free Hat.

    Bought my B3200 used, paid cash and no hat but I did get 2 keys. Got 2 more with the B1700. No hat with that deal but I did get to have lunch with both my boys on the way home so that definitely outweighs a hat
  11. johnjk

    So, who are the potheads out there?

    In Ohio if you get your pot card, be prepared to hand over your CCW license. We used CBD for our shepherd when he had cancer. Seemed to help with his pain. I’ve considered it for my back but I do turmeric and that takes the edge off. We have random testing where I work and not worth losing my...
  12. johnjk

    What did you do to or on your Kubota today?

    Fired up the B1700 and got my mow in. Spitting rain but just enough to cool me off.
  13. johnjk


    Congratulations for making it out the other side!
  14. johnjk

    GEEKS I need a bit of help

    If you are getting these on your mobile, go in to settings for phone and block unknown callers. If they are in your address book they will ring through, if it is important and it goes to VM, then I call back and apologize for missing the call. 99.9% of the remaining callers never leave a...
  15. johnjk

    What's cookin' boys?

    Here are the ribs.
  16. johnjk

    What's cookin' boys?

    A bit of pulled pork and eggs for breakfast
  17. johnjk

    What's cookin' boys?

    Thanks RCW
  18. johnjk

    What's cookin' boys?

    OK. The shoulder is pulled, the smoker heated back up and the ribs on. Got a late start so they will not be done until 9. May be lunch tomorrow.
  19. johnjk

    What's cookin' boys?

    I do a rub on it. Took one off a cooking site and modified it over the years to fit my taste. Now I do not inject or baste shoulders. Put a rub on my ribs as well. I’ve got a rub for ribs, pork shoulders, beef and poultry. I do mostly fresh herbs for goat and lamb.
  20. johnjk

    What's cookin' boys?

    Be forewarned. If you show up and the smoker is going, you will be expected to eat