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  1. Thunder chicken

    PTO slip clutch adjustment - burning up discs

    How big is the tiller? If it's too small, maybe you just got way too much HP for the size of the disks?
  2. Thunder chicken

    Solar Install for the Pole Barn

    Nice set up! The author of that book does nice u tube videos as well. We did a similar sized setup a few years ago, but on a limited budget. We keep adding old batteries from heavy equipment, must be up to 5 or 6 now. They've been hooked up and working for at least 5 years now, and are fine...
  3. Thunder chicken

    Changing coupler on implement (thread sealant question)

    We have a Permatex brand at the local Napa or auto parts that seems to work just fine. Sometimes I'll use both tape and sealant if it's a hard to reach fitting.
  4. Thunder chicken

    M7060 12 speed

    I'm curious to know why the 4x4 braking is an issue? When is it causing an undesired situation? Ive never noticed the 4wd braking to be an issue, mind you I pull a trailer on the road quite a bit. My brake pedals are always locked together as I have no need to ever turn tight.
  5. Thunder chicken

    M7060 Windsheild Washer Reservoir

    Thanks for the links for those parts and sharing your experience. I had the lid fall apart. Can't get just a lid.....had a local guy 3D print me one. Then a pump went..... luckily a universal washer pump worked, I think I had to add some goop to the grommet though. Then the tank cracked. So I...
  6. Thunder chicken

    L6060 pulling a trailer

    I pull a 7000# dump trailer with a M7060. I've thought about adding a brake controller. I have an automotive style 7 pin connector. There is no brake wiring on this model. North America, in general may not have brake wiring on tractors. What I planned to do was get a simple controller with...
  7. Thunder chicken

    Wood Chipper...PTO or Independent!

    I have a woodland mills WC-88 on a M7060. The flywheel is belt driven so any nasty load is off the PTO as someone mentioned that. It has its own hyd pump for the feed, so not using tractors like a few other brands. The 8" opening is where it shines, you don't have to trim as many limbs or...
  8. Thunder chicken

    Tire source in Canada

    Sorry, guess I meant 'tractor' tires. If a place can get one type, they could get the other I'd hope.
  9. Thunder chicken

    Tire source in Canada

    Any tire shop that deals with Industrial or equipment or big trucks should also be able to get ag tires.... think Kal Tire, or a bigger Goodyear dealer.... the dealers price may not be as bad as you think. Maybe try Kijiji and be prepared to drive a ways.
  10. Thunder chicken

    Impact Wrench Recommendations?

    I agree with ^. Whatever brand of tool you have most of, get their 1/2 impact. Check out the specs, most have 2-4 various sizes/torque levels. I have a dewalt, a mid powered one. The 5ah battery came with it and delivers enough juice to do anything a home mechanic has needed. I've done some...
  11. Thunder chicken

    M7060 Squealing noise

    Sometimes I hear a noise at startup but not like that.... I assume it to be the AC compressor/clutch. I can't imagine what else there is to make a noise. Try it with the AC on and off ti see if it changes anything?
  12. Thunder chicken

    10W 30 oil

    I dont blame ya for not wanting to mess with warrenty, but i think the 3.5L (same as my taco) in other parts of the world allow whatever weight of oil suits the temps..... what reading ive done is these thin oils help with economy/emmissions. Ive ran T6 5w40 in my tacoma a few oil changes...
  13. Thunder chicken

    Question for those that use a front loader mounted snow pusher on uneven dirt trails

    Wouldnt need a tractor or a jeep with this option! We tend to pack the snow on the trail, not push it off!! But the 6/8 way blade, whatever it is, sure is nice
  14. Thunder chicken

    M7060HD12 stuck in park

    Theres not many complaints on the internet about them it seems. But it doesnt take much adjustment to make it work, or work horrible. I had a issue but it was from some wear/seized bearing (a very small one on one of those moving parts) Then i had a stick flip up and bend some stuff...
  15. Thunder chicken

    M7060HD12 stuck in park

    Ivr had my 7060 be stubborn to get in/out of park of the linkages become wore/bent/seized. When its cold its stiff to move around the pattern. Maybe have a helper move the shifter and watch to see if the linkages are moving correctly. The rubber boot on the shift shaft? will get stiff, its not...
  16. Thunder chicken

    L2501 Chipper Woodland Mills WC46 vs WC68

    You'll only be underpowered if trying for max capacity! At least the 68 has a bigger opening for those crooked and forky branches... saves some trimming! I have the 88, but it'll bog 60hp when you go too hard!!!
  17. Thunder chicken

    Whats the coldest temps outside you will run your Kubota?

    One of the loggers in our area made a comment one day about warming up machinery in the cold.... once running (some preheat with a construction type heater) he would set one of his hydraulic functions (on a skidder blade for instance), to hit relief and leave it there for a bit.... the bypassing...
  18. Thunder chicken

    Simple repair, but frustrating

    Thats not any where near fustrating!!!! I have leaky flat faced couplers to the loader..... females do not have oring kit available, and are $180 each..... other brands may not work, if they are larger in diameter, they wont 'fit', theres a row of 4 connectors in very close proximity.... (one...
  19. Thunder chicken

    " Firestarters" for woodstoves ?

    I light my stove at least once a day too..... house gets too hot keeping it going some days. I save birch bark from splitting, and all the chaff from the wood splitter/processor. I tear up cardboard boxes, any boxes and paper really, and use that to light the stove too. Saves sending it...
  20. Thunder chicken

    Leaking Flat faced Connector(s)

    When you shut down next time, bleed off the pressure, (wiggle the controls) and disconnect the couplers. Clean them off. Wait. See if any are weeping. Im going through the same issue, but mine are only leaking while connected, pointing to the female couplers. Some brands have replacable O...