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  1. nork69

    FS : Drive Shaft 76720-35031

    As title says more than like new. I can ship It fits on those model, see on pic. 95$ (cad)
  2. nork69

    FS : Remote hyd. valve (SCD) M8200-M9000

    Also know as M9525 or 3a151-90254 This kit is to add a auxiliary control valve to your tractor. You'll need the lever kit. See pic 400$ (CAD) I can ship
  3. nork69

    FS : Turn Assist brake option kit for F60

    Here is for sale turn assist brake option for the F60 series Kubota tractor. Complete kit, never been installed. 125$ (CAD) I can ship
  4. nork69

    FS : Mirror complete 3a751-97712

    As title says Mirror kit for sale for old serie M. (see model in list) 50$ CAD I can ship (you pay shipping) Paypal + 3% or etransfer
  5. nork69

    FS : 3582279224 shaft 1000rpm

    The pto kit I'm selling in the other add is complete. Unopened. This 1000 shaft is a spared part.
  6. nork69

    Fs : Dual speed pto kit *m9277

    Also known as 3n300-97713 This kit goes on those tractors (see picture) If you want to see whats in the kit. Go in a part book of a example M108s, under the option tabs and look for pto conversion kit. Kit is brand new, box never opened. 795$ (CAD) It can be shipped but it'S really heavy, over...
  7. nork69

    FS : 3582279224 shaft 1000rpm

    Hi everyone as title says, a like knew, to not say brand new shaft. It goes on many M serie. I'm in Québec, I can ship. 240 $(CAD) is the price for the shaft. Paypal+3% or etransfer. I'm really known here, but I'm on ebay since 1999 with a 100% score and over 200 transactions. Feel free to...
  8. nork69

    Part search

    HI everyone, I'm trying to find a complete carb for a Kubota Generator with engine GH400 Oem part number is 12008-44040 It seem to be a mikuni v931 Is there someone could help me about this ?
  9. nork69

    SOLD BX22 shop manual for sale

    Re: BX22 shop manual for sale the manual is SOLD !
  10. nork69

    FS : Tg1860 electric clutch

    clutch is gone THanks !
  11. nork69

    KX-045 kubota excavator, parts needed

    Hi everyone, do someone know the part number of the bottom track roller assy ? Or maybe you know where I could find a part book ? of pdf ? If one of you got the info, it could be really helpful for me. Thanks
  12. nork69

    RTV1100 Turbo ?

    Hi everyone, Did someone already try this modification with swag team kit ? (or other) Big difference ? Hard on the hst ? Thanks
  13. nork69

    PTO Reverser Wanted

    Are you starting from mid pto or back one ?
  14. nork69

    G5200 parts wanted

    Good luck in your search, pretty hard to find as previously said, but everything is possible ! :)
  15. nork69

    Part number request on D850 engine

    hi everyone, as title say, I got a Thomas T83 with D850 Kubota engine, did somone could give me the water pump's part number ? Thanks !
  16. nork69

    WTB : W5021 side discharge adapter

    Finally found the part number 65661-83512 Someone know where I could find one ? look like that :
  17. nork69

    WTB : W5021 side discharge adapter

    Hi everyone, I got a W5021 walk mower with grass hoping system Is there someone who got a adapter for side discharge instead of grass hoping ? Thanks
  18. nork69

    K025 Kubota excavator

    I'm trying to get a breakdown of the swivel motor of a grey market K025 excavator. Is someone out there could help me ? It really look like a Kx41-2s but..... Thanks
  19. nork69

    WTB : Steering Shaft for B6200D

    Hi everyone I'm looking for 6721141120 comp ball nut. If someone got one, please email me at Thanks
  20. nork69

    WTB Steering shaft for B7100

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for steering shaft for B7100hst as seen on this picture. Please email me at for fastest answer. Thanks. I'm in Canada and ready to pay.